During the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 he was recorded 5 407 414 times. The number of new cases appeared for the first time, albeit slightly, less than one hundred thousand, accounting for 99 938. The three “leaders” as in the growth, and the total number of cases. From the coronavirus died 023 344 patient recovered 2 247 962.

In Russia the number of cases has reached 335 882, 3 388 patients died, 107 936 recovered.

one day in Moscow has died the 59 patients with the coronavirus and confirmed pneumonia.

Oberstab Moscow region on their pages in social networks provided information on city districts of the Moscow region yesterday.

Information for all regions of Russia and countries of the world contains interactive maps Yandex.

In the US, the day recorded 21 929 new cases, the total number has exceeded 1 600 000. According to the data provided by the United States, from COVID-19 in the country died 98 683 patients recovered 446 914.

In Brazil the number of cases was 349 113 — yesterday, the country remained in second place, then briefly dropped to third, and today was back on the second. Yesterday coronavirus in Brazil was recorded 16 508 times — significantly more than in any country except the United States. Died of coronavirus 22 165 patients (965 per day), recovered 142 587.

Another country in which the growth per day was more than five thousand, has become India. It is the number of coronavirus cases increased by 6,629 and reached 131 920. The total number of cases country is on the eleventh place. In India from the coronavirus died 3 869 patients recovered 73 610.

Yesterday in Moscow the specialists of the urban center conducted a large-scale decontamination of roads and public spaces in the framework of the fight against the pandemic coronavirus.

the Main epidemiologist of Ministry of health of Russia Nikolay Briko said that the country will lift restrictions due to pandemic coronavirus with more confidence when 60-70 percent of the population will detect immunity to COVID-19.