International football Sharp criticism to the address of the post and chief Aleksander Ceferin (52). That’s before the solar corona-the policy of the government of his home country of Slovenia in the water. Prime minister Janez Janša (61) throws the ball back. “It was a group decision, having a competition such as Atlanta and Valencia, to allow them to continue.”

Slovenia at the outbreak of the corona virus as the chicken, in order to take the necessary measures. For example, the virus is rapidly clamping down. Only 1.188 people have tested positive, and 50 people have died from the virus.“If the numbers continue to decline, we will have certain measures that may have to be able to reduce it,” said the right-wing prime minister Janez Janša, earlier this week, the Slovenian television.

However, it is Aleksander Ceferin, the president of the football association, UEFA, strongly disagree with the policy of his countrymen. An overly-negative tone is critical.“Of course, the situation is not to be underestimated, but, on the other hand, the citizens of hope and optimism, and to give it,” he said he was in the national Ekipa24. “We, the people can’t keep saying that tomorrow will be even worse than it is today. The government is of the people in a very positive way to inform in the place of fear.”