the Former topzwemmer), Bruce Furniss, two olympic titles at the Games in Montreal in 1976, was last week struck by a massive heart attack. The 62-year-old American, was in a California hospital in an artificial coma, to be placed, but it is now much better.

Furniss woke up on Wednesday, and said now, again, on the phone with his wife and children. There’s no need to be ventilation, it started, in the meantime, the education, and, according to his doctors, he may, within a couple of weeks to fully recover.

In the Games of 1976 in Montreal), won the Furniss individual gold medal in the 200-meter freestyle. After that, he pulled to the side, John Naber, Jim Montgomery and Mike Bruner is a second gold in the 4×200 free.

The younger brother of Steve Furniss, also an olympic medalist, improved to ten world records. He was Swimming World Magazine voted the Swimmer of the Year in 1975 and 1976, and in 1987, a place in the International Swimming Hall of Fame.