Ex-beach volleyball player Julius Brink loses his pants on public television, Andrea Kiewel tries his hand at old man humor and forgets the name of her British star guest: This time the game edition of “ZDF Fernsehgarten” mutates into “Bruptcies, bad luck and breakdowns “-Show.

Sunday is when the “TV Garden” opens its doors and everything that is brightly colored drives into the green. For the motto of the “Garden Games”, presenter Andrea “Kiwi” Kiewel has thrown herself into serious royal blue, possibly a colorful homage to the royal kickers from Real Madrid, who won the trophy in the premier class the night before.

For the annual garden battles, six prominent Mainzel males and females were divided into the “Orange” and Team “Green” teams: Susi Kentikian, Ekaterina Leonova, Christian Polanc, Julius Brink, Matthias Steiner and Pascal Hens bubble their way through a garden course and give ZDF a critical youth protection moment right at the beginning, because ex-beach volleyball player Julius Brink slips down his sports shorts when jumping into the bubble. “The moon has risen…” Kiwi sings enthusiastically.

The rules of the games are rarely very clear, it’s more like a children’s birthday party than a real challenge. To counteract all the confusion that Kiwi can cause in the course of a show, ZDF has booked a co-moderator whose existence has the Twitter community puzzled: “Who is this electric blanket seller next to Kiwi?” Here again for everyone: It is Yorck Polus, a full-time sports presenter at ZDF.

Kiwi and her co-host both added an extra dose of lewdness this Sunday: “You’re still looking for the hole? That’s below!” explains Polus. And Kiwi slows down Pascal Hens: “It’s as if you were already in bed and your wife is still in the bathroom!” The jokes of middle-aged women are not automatically better than the famous old man’s humor either.

The subsequent “pool games” are a wild mix of paddling, fishing and throwing. After all, this time Julius Brink’s sports shorts stay where they should be on German TV beyond “Naked Attraction”. Finally, in the “Garden Jump” you go into a kind of bouncy castle with the challenge of tunneling or jumping over a rotating beam. “Whoever stands last wins,” Kiwi jokes suggestively and threatens: “We’ll do that every week now.”

Finally, the celebrities have to go to higher ground again: The “Garden Tower” is something like a very manageable climbing garden. Ekaterina is afraid of heights, but she gets carte blanche: “It’s a voluntary event here,” says Kiewel. “It’s always nice to keep the risk manageable.” Afterwards, the discussion about what Julius wants to dare continues until everyone has lost track of things. “Julius is coming down and is beautiful,” Kiwi finally allows him.

Like a mantra, on this Sunday afternoon, Kiewel repeats the formula of the “toughest television garden in the world”, whereby the crowds in this category are similar to those in the marathon for the over 100 age group. Maybe she didn’t mean the sporting games, but her own moderation task.

“Fernsehgarten” chef Jeanette Marquis first makes the hazelnut chocolate cream of our childhood mad for us and then recreates it in a healthy way with avocado and banana or chickpeas and oat milk. Armin Roßmeier, the Franconian ZDF all-purpose weapon for everything that happens in the kitchen, explains to us in his usual Franconian staccato speech what 4G has to do with salad: everything that is smoked, cured, salted or matured is allowed with him to the garden buffet. If you counted it fried, we would even have 5G, but as we all know, Germany is not quite there yet.

Oh yes, there was also music: Kerstin Ott is the one who is always there and musically dreams of saying “simply no” when ZDF calls again soon. Loi stands on the “Fernsehgarten” stage in a psychedelic nightmare of pajamas, Nino de Angelo rocks the Lerchenberg and a Tina Turner double shows why the original is “Simply the Best” to this day. Michelle celebrates her 30th stage anniversary with the probably inwardly liberating title “Scheißkerl”.

Even Sam Ryder came, the longest-haired contribution to ESC 2022, euphorically announced by Kiewel as James Ryder and later referred to as Tim Ryder. Even if the Brits probably don’t give a damn: Host politeness looks different. More concentration, less suggestiveness on the part of the executive would definitely not have harmed the toughest television garden in the world.

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