the US President said that he has data about the artificial origin of coronavirus.

the US President Donald trump said that he saw evidence that the coronavirus was developed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. On press-conference at the White house he said that the Chinese authorities either failed to stop the spread of the virus, or decided that it is not necessary to do this.

a Journalist asked the President trump, if he had seen the data, with a high probability indicate that the Virology Institute in Wuhan could be the source of the new coronavirus. “Yes, — said the President. — I saw saw.”

“They [China] may have made a mistake, or it all began by mistake, and they made another mistake — or somebody did it on purpose,” added trump.

Meanwhile, the office of the Director of National intelligence, which oversees U.S. intelligence agencies, concluded that the coronavirus was not created in a lab or genetically modified.

Intelligence, as stated in the statement agree with the opinion of the vast majority of scientists believe that the virus originated in natural conditions, and then transferred to the person.

This is the first response of the U.S. intelligence on circulating in the United States, and in China conspiracy theory that the virus could be artificially created in a Chinese lab and released to the world.