Donald trump announced Friday that he signed Executive order on the protection of American monuments, memorials and statues. The US President threatens those who attempt to carry, “long prison term”.

“I was honored to sign a very strong Decree of the President protecting American Monuments, Memorials and Statues, and to combat the recent Criminal Violence – tweeted trump. Long prison terms for these transgressions against our great country!”

Presidential decree ensures compliance with the laws prohibiting the desecration of the national monuments and vandalism against state property. Also repeals Federal grants for jurisdictions and law enforcement agencies that are unable to stop the desecration of memorial sites.

Meanwhile, on Friday evening, U.S. attorney General bill Barr instructed to establish a task force to counter anti-government extremists, in particular, calling supporters of the far right movement “Boogaloo”, and those leftists who identificeret themselves as “Antifa”.

President trump a whole week announced his decree, connected with memorials as historical monuments and statues are objects of wrath and vandalism during protests Black Lives Matter after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

the First monuments came under the fire of the rebellious audience, have become monuments to honor the soldiers and commanders of the Confederacy during the Civil war, and some high-ranking military officials even called for the renaming of army bases named after Confederate war generals. But since then, the list of claims to the monuments has expanded to include the monuments had no relation either to the Confederation or to the slavery of former U.S. presidents and other “colonizers” such as Christopher Columbus.

the Insanity has reached the point that the protesters decided to demolish the Statue of liberation (Emancipation Memorial) in honor of putting life to fight slavery President Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln Park in Washington, DC. The statue depicts the 16th President of the United States, holding the emancipation Proclamation next to the kneeling slave. Protesters say that this sculptural group does not display the role of slaves in their struggle for their own freedom.

over the weekend protesters in Lafayette Park square tried to throw the statue of former President Andrew Jackson (to him, the main objections on the part of monumentalize lie in its resemblance to the genocide policy towards Indians), but was stopped by law enforcement.

In San Francisco, protesters defaced and thrown off the statue of President Ulysses S. Grant, who during the civil war led the army of the Union, that is��faithful, who fought against the confederates from the slave South.

In Portland, Oregon, the mob desecrated the monument to the first US President George Washington and burned the American flag over his head. Another statue of Washington was damaged in Baltimore, the statue of Thomas Jefferson was injured in Portland.

If the demolition of the memorials in honor of the “founding fathers” of the United States and the fighters against slavery, it is not surprising that the struggle with the monuments and got to the monument in honor of the Governor of Russian America Alexander Baranov in Alaska.

About a thousand residents of Sitka signed a petition initiative to remove a bronze statue of Alexander Baranov in the interests of “healing and reconciliation”.

the Sculpture was donated to the city by Lloyd and Barbara Heim in 1989 in honor of the 40th anniversary of their family business in these parts.

Proponents in order to remove the monument Baranov, think that the memorial “celebrates the history of white supremacy and ignores the history of murder, rape, torture and enslavement of indigenous peoples”.

Methods of managing possessions in North America, resorted to by the native Kargopol merchant Alexander Andreyevich Baranov (1746-1819), a politically correct ideal, of course, do not fit.

the rams fought in 1802-1805 years with the Indians kolesami (clincial). He repulsed the Indians captured in 1802 the island of Sitka and restored the ruined Fort Archangel.

In his address there were many accusations of mistreatment of indigenous peoples, accusing the abuse of power. However, personal goals, he is not pursued. Having almost uncontrollable immense power, it has not acquired a fortune. The authority Baranova among indigenous peoples, even warring with him was very high. He himself, incidentally, was married to aleutka (according to others, a representative of one of the Indian tribes), with whom he has had three children.

moreover, the Governor of Russian America advocated the expansion of educational opportunities for Alaska natives. Under his leadership, created the school. Active in Russian America during the reign Baranova Orthodox missionaries not only translated the Bible into lenkiski and other local languages, but planted indigenous people against smallpox.

Not only the monument to Alexander Baranov became the subject of attacks of fighters for political correctness in Alaska. Some people do not like and a monument in honor of the Secretary of the US Cabinet secretaries William H. Seward, which was organized in 1867, the purchase of “land of Lasocki” from the Russian Empire. This monument is called the symbol of “white Patriarchal power” and “powerlessness of the indigenous inhabitants of Alaska”. Yes, and in General, they say that Alaska natives made no decision about selling their territories Connected�� States. So there is nothing to glorify Seward.