President of the United States trump behaves quite contradictory to the epidemic of the coronavirus. He defiantly refuses to wear the mask and suit mass campaign events. However, diverging measures to protect the White house from virus infection.

When trump comes to places where there is a risk of catching the virus, every place, which includes the President, the advance was checked for the presence of potential contaminated areas by security personnel and medics, says CNN, citing people familiar with the situation sources.

Bathrooms intended for use by the President, are cleaned and disinfected before their arrival. Staff conducts a thorough accounting on the subject of testing everyone who comes in contact with the President.

while the White house is moving away from such steps, as the temperature measurement and the compulsory wearing of masks in the West wing, those people who are around the President, continues to undergo regular tests.

And in favor of the fact that such checks are required, says at least the fact that the coronavirus has again amazed the members of the presidential staff. This time the victim was assistants involved in the campaign, and sotrudni Secret service, who worked at a recent event trump in Tulsa.

According to CNN, another employee of the White house, which recently was near trump also gave a positive result on COVID-19. According to sources, is a senior economic official, who this month was in the Rose garden with trump during the event.

Recently, on June 14, U.S. President turned 74 years. It is believed that the tramp suffers from excessive weight. According to the results of a recent study his physical condition, he weighed 244 lb (110 kg) with a growth of 6 feet 3 inches (approximately 1 meter 83 cm).

within a few months anyone who is in the immediate vicinity of the tramp, a test was conducted on coronavirus, although used by the White house product of Abbott Laboratories raised concerns about the high level of false negative results.

And on the background of statements of trump that as the prevention of coronavirus he takes hydroxychloroquine, a witness for his medical team used the electrocardiogram to closely monitor the heart of the President, as some studies have shown that the antimalarial drug may cause serious heart problems.

As CNN reminds, at the beginning of the outbreak trump said to his assistants that must at all costs to avoid illness and since then, efforts to prevent contamination of the President with the virus become more intense and widespread.

the First step is the accumulation of large amounts of disinfectant for the hands, and further efforts to protect the President from the virus grew in the creation of the apparatus of the intense security, including requiring a dozen employees test mode.

While these efforts apparently were effective, at least to prevent infection with the virus of the President, says CNN. But the channel never misses a chance to tease the head of state to say: the events of the last week stressed the primacy of the trump in respect of security measures and the safety of its employees is in second place.

trump has openly chastised their employees, who coughed or sneezed in his presence before the appearance of the virus. And in a pandemic of any signs of respiratory disease were met with an eloquent glance of the President.

When the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, the first in recent months, the foreign visitor is trump, came to the White house, him and his entire delegation was arranged tests for coronavirus, as well as American participants.