WASHINGTON, 13 Dec — RIA Novosti. the U.S. military will no longer restore other countries and “solve other people’s conflicts,” said President Donald trump.

According to him, Washington returns to the basic principles, according to which the duty to defend and vigorously protect US from external enemies.

“We end the era of endless wars,” said the us leader, speaking to graduates of the military Academy at West point in the state of new York.

trump said that “a clear view to the protection of the vital interests of America returned to its place.” He added that in charge of us troops does not include permission to “the ancient conflicts in distant lands, about which many people have not even heard.”

it is Noteworthy that a few days ago, trump informed the Congress about maintaining the us military in some countries, where the contingent was led past American presidents.

in Addition to the Afghanistan, where the U.S. campaign stretches for nearly 19 years, we are talking about such countries as Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Philippines, Arabian Peninsula, Kosovo, East Africa, the lake Chad basin and Sahel region.