I believe that a number of provisions that will be made in the Constitution would strengthen the sovereignty of our country. They will work to ensure that Russia has always been a completely independent state with its own policy subordinated to the interests of the people. We see that there are certain proclivities of political forces and public associations who are not shy, even not being in power, such trial balloons to ride, and a reasonably possible change in the territorial integrity of Russia, and references to some very questionable European judicial institutions.

Similar changes in the whole country, and ourselves, and future generations from too loose interpretation of the Russian statehood that allow themselves to these characters.

the Analyst also explained how, in his opinion, a uniform system of public authorities will help to solve the problem of the gap between the state and municipal levels of government:

– We see – especially the problem with the coronavirus have revealed these things, that certain, shall we say, the power of education, is largely artificial. If to speak about local government, we have a very serious “no walled garden” around it.

In fact, many municipal officials who never meet, but very “inflate the cheeks” and the build of a big boss. The situation of coronavirus has shown that it can no longer be continued, so that different levels of government from each other tossed (responsibilities). It is in one word “spectehnika” – the word “shove”. Come to one, he says it’s not a question of competence, and sends to another place, go there, there send in the third. And so the circle. We even saw delays in a number of regions timely payouts to physicians who are at the front of the fight against coronavirus. All this is unacceptable. Should be tough, clear, workable chain of command.

He stressed that it is equally important that the ban on second citizenship and a number of other restrictions introduced for officials: “there Should be a nationalization of the elites. These people should work for the country to think about their country, to invest in it, live in it, to link their future with her and their children’s future, too.”,

let me Remind you, the all-Russian voting will take place July 1, 2020.