Kontich, On the E19 motorway from Antwerp to the amount of Kontich was a truck driver Tuesday morning in the road shoulder. His truck rolled and he was caught in the tractor cab. The fire department came to his rescue. The driver was behind the wall.

At the height of the down-and-ramp in Kontich, lost the job to an as yet unclear reason, the control of the steering wheel. He was on the right of the road, and so his truck was turned upside down and on its side on the ground, and entered. The driver got suspended and he had to go through the fire to be free. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. The truck had to be hoisted in. While in the help and takeldiensten did the job, there was no traffic.

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Monday was also an accident on the E19 at Kontich. Toenknalde a driver of a passenger vehicle at a botsabsorbeerderdie in the present work, on the E19 motorway in the international relations.