The first results of surveys of manufacturing companies by the Gaidar Institute record the rise of optimism — the corresponding index actually rebounded in June to March 2020, due to the growth of all its components, including estimates of current sales and future demand. In contrast to the Markit PMI Index of business confidence Rosstat, the surveys of the Institute pointed to a marked recovery in activity in the treatment in may. The latter, however, does not confirm the actual statistics of Rosstat.The first results of surveys of manufacturing companies (as of June 18) led to growth of index of industrial optimism of IE 11 points that brought him closer to the zero line and actually offset the entire decline of the indicator since March, 2020. And the index of forecasts of the industry grew even wider, leaving a “plus”.The growth of optimism has provided all the indicators — the growth rate of actual sales improved during the month by 20 points and in may-June had 30 points of the 40 lost in April; the satisfaction of current volumes of demand in June rose to 48% after the April failure for the 10-year minimum when the sale was considered normal, only 37% of enterprises. Release plans for July-August reached a 15-month high, amid better demand forecasts for the may-June index of optimism was 29 points, which allowed respondents to talk about the refusal of plans to reduce staff, although the improvement of the investment plan was insignificant.Meanwhile, a noticeable improvement in sentiment in the processing of surveys IEP, in contrast to the market studies and Rosstat, Markit, recorded in may. Actual data on the state of processing they are not yet confirmed.Alexey Shapovalov