the heir to the British throne Prince Charles admitted in a recent meeting with physicians in a hospital after suffering what to him coronavirus is still not returned sense of smell and taste sensations. The loss of these two senses is one of the symptoms Covid-19.

Communicating with the hospital staff, Charles shared his own experience of overcoming illness. Coronavirus 71-year-old Prince was diagnosed in March, at the beginning of the epidemic in Britain. He complained of symptoms of moderate severity, but was not hospitalized, and isolated themselves in one of their estates.

on Thursday the President of France Emmanuel macron arrives in London. Among other things, he will discuss with Prime Minister Boris Johnson British rule a two-week quarantine for all entering the country. We will focus on opportunities to create special corridors for citizens of countries with a low index of infection, including France.

Until released from quarantine only arriving from Ireland and the British Isles. The British government came under a barrage of criticism from the tourism industry for the fact that the quarantine is introduced just at the time when Europe began to emerge from the lockdown and open borders.

Britain is the most affected by the epidemic country in Europe. According to the Johns Hopkins University, here ill 300,7 thousand people (the fifth largest in the world) and died 42.2 thousand (third largest in the world).