Tourists were arrested for coughing in the restaurant in the popular Spanish resort of Mallorca. Reported by the Daily Mail.

According to the tabloid, the incident occurred in one of the institutions located in the district of Santa Catalina. The police called a few visitors to the restaurant and complained about the drunk man who walked between the tables, coughing and threatening to spread coronavirus.

At the sight of police 43-year-old Briton tried to escape, but was arrested and taken to the station. There, he forcibly took the test on COVID-19, which was negative.

according to the publication, in case of illness, the Briton would face charges of causing harm to the health of travelers. But since the man appeared healthy, he was convicted only of resisting arrest.

In April, Cambodia has detained an American tourist obsluzhivayuschego bill and left it on the ATM. He was subsequently arrested, despite the fact that his test for coronavirus were negative, and the Bank held disinfection.