Told Russians who want to be retrained during a pandemic coronavirus

to Gain additional knowledge ready 24% of survey participants. In their view,this should continue to help find better paid work, to accelerate career at the place of employment and obtain additional skills and knowledge in the classroom, non-professional activities (Hobbies and interests).

Photo: REUTERS / Nick Oxford experts have called the most unclaimed due to coronavirus profession

the Most popular remote program of professional development was among the teachers, employees of preschool institutions, Methodists, etc., health workers (doctors, nurses), librarians, personnel officers, accountants, lawyers, cultural workers, experts in the field of distance education.

of the City where today there is the highest demand for training, including distance learning program, is Orenburg, Khabarovsk, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok.

Along with those who are ready to take a vacation for training, there is a sufficient number of those who intend to gain new knowledge and skills change the profession ( 6% of study participants). People would like to master such professions as a programmer, a psychologist, a therapist, a pharmacist, a specialist in the field of data analysis and computer technologies.

Photo: iStock Experts: Crisis will become a serious impetus to changes in the labour market

on the other hand, many people, especially those close to retirement age, choose to the rehabilitation of such common professions as nurse, or other Junior medical staff, employee records management, bodiedtel kindergarten, social worker, welder, Turner, electrician and other specialty workers, the driver of the machinery, etc.

it Should be noted that the demand for remote retrain for new specialties began, according to interviewed experts, in the second half of 2019. However, in March it accelerated and today, according to experts of the financial University, the proportion of those who are ready to receive the remote additional education, more than two times higher than the corresponding level last year. Town, where there is the greatest demand for retraining new skills, including using distance learning technologies, it Novokuznetsk, Barnaul, Khabarovsk, Ryazan and Vladivostok.