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Re the decision on adjusting the timing of the exam may be taken after the may holidays, said acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev. He also stressed that the examination will not be corrected even with the repeated postponement of
"I was barely 30 when my city came the war. Only then I began to realize how truly hard it was there, on the front, in the rear," - writes in his essay "the Autograph of the Victory. About war and peace on the lessons of Russian language" at the international Pushkin contest "RG" of Russian language from Donetsk Jan Efremenko
The pandemic is in the early stages of the Russian school has moved to distance learning. About how students and parents perceived the training on "udalenke" and what will happen to schools in the future, "RG" told the Deputy Chairman of the education Committee of the state Duma Lyubov Dukhanina
Younger students training on the Internet is given a difficult to a computer until they own bad. Therefore, in Nenets Autonomous Okrug decided to transplant them from laptops to TVs. TV tutorials are practicing in other regions
The main thing in distance learning is to keep class schedules, to establish a comfortable relationship between the teacher and the student, says the rector of Ranepa Maxim Nazarov. About the experience of University udalenka and what subjects should not be taught only remotely, he said "RG"
About 95% of Russian schools have switched to distance learning, reported in the Ministry of education. This is a General figure, but in reality each school has its own situation and the problems that arose with the transition to udalenku. Survive school the stress test, understood the correspondent "RG"
About 95% of Russian schools have switched to distance learning, reported in the Ministry of education. This is a General figure, but in reality each school has its own situation and the problems that arose with the transition to udalenku. Survive school the stress test, understood the correspondent "RG"
The party "United Russia" discussed to help the students and teachers in the period of distance learning because of the pandemic coronavirus. Children and teachers will help technique will be taught skills on the computer
15 thousand of Russian schoolchildren did not notice the transition on the remote control. These are children who are on family learning. What do you think about the current schools situation, the parents of these students and professionals - in the article "WG"
For a short period of online study to domestic students had to invent a lot of tricks that allows you to stay home from school and avoid bad ratings. Teachers tracked online some popular among students Lithgow
In remote Russian villages the spotty Internet and cell phones. Distance learning is carried out there via email and duty tables. Helps and TV, which broadcasts a special program
The experts of the Higher school of Economics together with American colleagues proved that online courses are not inferior in the efficiency of face-to-face classes. In addition, the study showed that the online format gives students the opportunity to teach 20 percent more students
"Full of pride for their grandparents of the students face, ready, if necessary, to repeat their exploits - and there's a real genuine, indelible in time and memory autograph of the great Victory!" Specialist in Russian Philology from Yerevan told about how was the lesson devoted to the heroic events of the past
One of the consequences of the outbreak of the emergency vacation was an increased interest in retraining and obtaining additional education. To obtain additional knowledge ready 24% of respondents
The schedule of the exam is made: it starts on 8 June, said the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov. "The proposals in terms of enrollment in universities according to the results of school assessments of a number of teachers and institutions is questionable. We all know where this will lead," he added
The portal "My school online" launched in Russia. On it is lined with super useful information on the program for the fourth quarter in all classes from first to 11th. They are all created on the basis of proven experts source: textbooks from the Federal list
On the background of the pandemic coronavirus and the extension of the regime of self-isolation until the end of April, increasingly there are proposals to cancel the exam for students. How this scenario is real and why not to cancel the Unified state exam - versed "RG"
The educational process for graduates of 11 classes can be extended to 8 June - that is, until the beginning of the first exam. This was stated by Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov
While you sit at home, have a great opportunity to brush up on the English language. Suggest you check your attentiveness and knowledge of the basics of the language - if you can grasp the meaning of simple, but "insidious" idioms
The newspaper with children have tested the school's new digital lessons. And got different results. In one case, everything went almost without problems. In the other - the path to knowledge turned out to be thorny
Three-quarters of schoolchildren in Russia and the CIS countries are paying for remote studies up to five hours a day. The rest of the time they spend in social networks and play games. These are the results of a survey of children, conducted in several countries around the world
From 6 April students remotely to resume studies. Exams are not canceled. In addition, as emphasized in the Ministry of education, EN masse, to leave the students in the second year, no one will
The ITMO University has offered an original method of teaching physical education online during the quarantine. Students are encouraged to participate in webinars on e-sports, to learn the strategy and tactics of the online games and get points for it
Lecturer at Moscow state pedagogical University and a member of the jury of the competition of Pushkin Irina mursak continues to journal "Russian literature is not afraid of the coronavirus". The topic of the next lesson was to work with sources in the era of digitization
How to keep the attention of the student at the screen, what the teacher avatar colourful and when to take a break during the online lesson, said the Director of the school, candidate of political Sciences Maria Kaluga
During operation in remote mode, teachers ' salaries should not be reduced. About this stated the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov. He also commented on summer vacation teachers
What challenges have you faced the Russian education system, said a member of the Central headquarters of the popular front, rector of National research University "the economy Higher school" Yaroslav Kuzminov:
Colleges and technical schools will finish the school year at the previously scheduled time. Ministry of education recommended that to organize the learning process so that graduates of the combined preparation of qualification work and exam preparation - practice
Major changes in the content of the Unified state exam will not be until 2022. And methodical recommendations to students for independent preparation for the exam will release in April. This was stated by the Director of the Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements Oxana Reshetnikova
The Ministry of education has set a goal to finish the school year and to make summer a student had to learn. But everything will depend on the situation with COVID-19. This was stated by Deputy Minister of education Dmitry Glushko
Because now almost the entire country is on isolation, the majority of schools can continue to work from April 6, remotely, said the Deputy Minister of education Dmitry Glushko. Regions themselves will determine the mode of operation of schools, kindergartens and colleges
Museums, theatres, concert halls, cinemas and libraries these days are closed to visitors. But they opened their virtual doors to everyone and every day delight with new premieres, exhibitions and concerts. "WP" will help you to choose the most interesting
Because of coronavirus in schools introduce remote learning, parents working from home. Experts of the National parents Association supported by the Ministry of education has compiled 10 tips that will help to spend time at home for the whole family
The Ministry of education is not going to abolish exams in universities because of the coronavirus, said the head of Department Valery Falkov. While each campaign is likely to take place remotely, using digital technologies
In the EMERCOM of Russia reported about new measures to take account of the specifics during the epidemic of the coronavirus. During the period of training of children at home, the office intensified preventive work with children and their parents
Ministry of education sent to the regions recommendations for psychological and pedagogical support of pupils, teachers and parents. "RG" publishes tips, compiled by the best specialists from the Union in mental health and psychologists, msupe
Parents in a panic: the math test for ninth graders appeared the problem of calculating the cost of CTP insurance policy and other non-standard jobs. Why is it necessary, "RG" asked the Director of the Centre for pedagogical skills Ivan Yashchenko
Researchers at the HSE has prepared a rapid analysis of digital resources for distance learning students. The weak point of online simulators is the lack of feedback and Analytics. Job often tests are in multiple-choice or problems with one answer
This year Unified state examination will begin on 8 June and the Main exam - 9 June. About this at the next meeting with the regional Ministers of education of the head of the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov
Pandemic coronavirus brings the neologism in the Russian language. We are talking about the word "covidiot" which denotes a person in a panic devastating the stores. And "self-isolation" in the new reality has taken an unexpected shade
Pandemic coronavirus forced Russian universities to hold Days of open doors remotely. Describe which institutions, how and when will practice this format of meetings
And the quarantine people are scared to leave their homes, schools, and borders closed, in a difficult situation was the teacher, considers the Russian language from Portugal Elena marochkina. In his essay for the Pushkin competition she asks the question: how to calm and empower students, whose familiar world is falling apart
Member of the jury of the competition of Pushkin Irina mursak continues to keep a diary of "How I lectured quarantined or Diary of the teacher." On the sixth day it became clear that the movers and the shirkers are not happy internally vacation and want to work
The names of the winners of the joint competition "the Russian newspaper" and MGIMO: 44 students will receive the benefits upon admission in the leading universities of the country. In the final, participants had to write essays and carry out the task of history and social studies
Unified state examination this year was postponed to June. This was stated by Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov. The decision related to preventing the spread of coronavirus infection. Deadlines OGE in grade 9 are also transferred
Teachers at far Eastern Federal University personal example show how non-standard the online platform can be adapted to the educational process. What programs are used at the University, read in the material "RG"
There are dangerous problems, which seems to be seem to be easy, but put in difficulty even the adults, although intended for elementary school students. Suggest that you check out the care and solve some of such problems were
Lecturer at Moscow state pedagogical University and a member of the jury of the competition of Pushkin Irina mursak continues to journal "Russian literature is not afraid of the coronavirus". "Because of the quarantine in the formation of a unique situation: individualization can come out on top. And it happened," she rejoices
Isolation with children is a great challenge. Especially with students. Many families have to buy computers, parents - to develop special programs. And prepare with the children for exams
The online format, according to experts in digital education, takes nerves and energy, but improves efficiency. During face to face tuition there is a "flow effect" with the online classes of the community much less

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