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More than 60 percent of Russian citizens are ready and willing to provide volunteer help in the spread of the coronavirus. These are the results of a recent poll
Changeable weather expected this week in almost all regions of Russia. Warming will be replaced by a sharp cold. On the North of the Krasnoyarsk region - Blizzard, and in the South is warmer than in the Crimea
For a short period of online study to domestic students had to invent a lot of tricks that allows you to stay home from school and avoid bad ratings. Teachers tracked online some popular among students Lithgow
The experts of the Higher school of Economics together with American colleagues proved that online courses are not inferior in the efficiency of face-to-face classes. In addition, the study showed that the online format gives students the opportunity to teach 20 percent more students
The vast majority of Russians suggests that information on the situation with coronavirus in the world, its transmission and prevention, enough. This is evidenced by the results of the survey
One of the consequences of the outbreak of the emergency vacation was an increased interest in retraining and obtaining additional education. To obtain additional knowledge ready 24% of respondents
Among the amendments to the Constitution affecting the Outlook of Russians, 89 percent of respondents singled out the provision on the prevention of falsification of history. This is from a survey of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion
Warm air brought the anticyclone, which will be over the Central and North-West. But the warming will come gradually. In the beginning of the week will still be pretty cool
What challenges have you faced the Russian education system, said a member of the Central headquarters of the popular front, rector of National research University "the economy Higher school" Yaroslav Kuzminov:
The story of the coronavirus showed that the number of areas that previously felt quite confident, was unclaimed. Temporarily remained without work, the employees of catering companies, travel agencies, and airlines. But which careers can easily survive any crisis?
The second spring month in Russia will be warmer than usual. In European Russia North of Moscow the temperature will be above normal by half a degree. In the North of Yakutia at night to -35, and the day is 10-15 with a minus sign
The Russians were less interested in the currency. Buy foreign notes we want 10 percent of the population. There are several reasons - lack of savings, high dollar, uncertainty of position in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus
Pandemic coronavirus forced Russian universities to hold Days of open doors remotely. Describe which institutions, how and when will practice this format of meetings
The names of the winners of the joint competition "the Russian newspaper" and MGIMO: 44 students will receive the benefits upon admission in the leading universities of the country. In the final, participants had to write essays and carry out the task of history and social studies
Weather, it seems, also wants the Russians more time spent at home. Early next week outside of the centre of European territory will be at the mercy of the cyclone. Forecasters predict snow and cold
The most important amendment that can be made to the Constitution, the majority of Russians believe that the consolidation of guarantees of accessibility and quality of care. The same conclusions follow from the opinion poll
The coming summer will be warm, but the extreme heat of the weather forecasters do not promise. Roshydromet and hydrometeorological centre, presented the weather and precipitation on the so-called vegetative period - from April to September. The weatherman promised warmer weather, but without the extreme heat
Atmospheric vortex hangs over the Central part of Russia until the end of the week. Forecasters predict a large amplitude of air temperature. At night are expected frosts, and in the afternoon intense heating of the air above normal by 5 degrees
Every day the world is intently watching the development of the situation with coronavirus: how many recovered, how many were ill and which countries are affected. About how we will live after the pandemic, "RG" talked with the scientist-infectious diseases, academician Victor Maleev
More than 90% of Crimeans welcomed reunification with Russia 6 years ago, polls showed. After these events has improved life and financial situation became more secure, stabilized the political situation, there were more jobs and increased pension
Traditional winter will be over, and the mild winters being repeated more and more often. This view was made by scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand
Winter 2019-2020 in Russia became the warmest for all history of instrumental observations, said the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand. He noted that even warmer winter was in Europe
64% of the men on March 8, plan to give flowers to women. This answer occupies a leading position in the poll. In the top of gifts also includes cosmetics, jewelry and candy
A prototype test system that allows in Express mode to identify the coronavirus COVID-19, created by scientists of the Siberian branch of the RAS Siberian branch. "To perform the analysis, in principle, possible even in house conditions", - experts say
Next week temperatures in the capital region exceeds the norm by 6-8 degrees. Especially, it will delight residents in the approaching a long weekend on the occasion of International women's day
To develop new land for agriculture will not allow global warming. This view was expressed by the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand. "The word "virgin" should be forgotten", - he noted
Unfortunately, humanity each year emits more and more greenhouse gases, say forecasters. Their concentration leads to the fact that every five years, now warmer than the previous
Unusually high temperatures predicted in several Russian regions this week. Deviations from the norm can be up to 20 degrees, said the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand

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