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In several regions of the country, the investigators of SK of the Russian Federation revealed the fake allegations of the extraordinary prevalence of coronavirus and a large number of deaths. Spread this information the authors brought to justice
Until April 16, will be organized three export flight from Bangkok. On Tuesday, the Russians stuck because of the restrictions in Thailand, will be able to go Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, on Thursday in Ufa and Kazan on the same flight
For the past day, the number of cases COVID-19 in Russia increased by 2558 people. In the first place by the number of infected continued to the capital. Only in Russia was 18 328 cases of coronavirus infection in 82 regions
In Russia for the last day of coronavirus was detected in 52 regions
One of the consequences of the outbreak of the emergency vacation was an increased interest in retraining and obtaining additional education. To obtain additional knowledge ready 24% of respondents
About nine million low-income families and single people will be able to improve their financial position by means of a social contract to 2024. This was told "RG" in the Ministry of labor. Thanks to cocontract half of the needy families will be able to break out of poverty
Luxembourg midfielder football club "Ufa" Olivier thill was taken to hospital with suspected coronavirus infection. All players and team personnel transferred to the isolation
In Ufa, investigators neutralized the criminal who planned to commit a terrorist act. When police attempt to stop the car, which was the gunman, he opened fire and was eliminated
Experts - analysts of the markets of meat, milk, fish, vegetables and grains - has told, how will change the prices in the near future. And what is the factor influence the situation of the pandemic coronavirus
In Ufa starts the production of reusable medical masks of gauze. And in Penza has released the first batch of masks from a special fabric. They can be washed and ironed several times a day to preserve the barrier effect
An accident on the highway in Bashkiria: the car collided with the truck. According STRC "Bashkortostan", a terrible accident occurred this morning in Krasnokamsk area of Republic.
Despite the warm winter, winter with little snow was only in Moscow and the surrounding areas. Roshydromet has compiled a list of cities and towns, the coastal area which may be flooded during peak periods of spring floods
Showing the driver a fiver in the diary or record book, school and University students in Ulan-Ude do not pay the fare on the bus. In Bashkiria, the family budget since March may be enlarged by 250 thousand
To go to work many miles from home is becoming a trend in the Russian labour market. The highest wages to shift workers offer employers in Irkutsk - on average, 82 thousand roubles
It is six times lowered taxes, and the Kuzbass will be a new emblem. Children of doctors out of turn will be in kindergarten. Appears the rules for stray dogs. "RG" is the most interesting regional laws March
The Russians, who are looking for work, more often, in addition to Russian, speak Tatar, Bashkir and Chuvash language. While employers rarely prescribed in the job requirement knowledge of the languages of the peoples of Russia
Striker "Salavat Yulaev" Vladislav Card summarized the results of the home series and the ending of the regular championship KHL.
Rival "Salavat Yulaev" in the first round of the Gagarin Cup will be determined by the results of the final matches "smooth" the championship. Yet one thing is clear - the beloved "Green Derby" in the first round of the playoffs will not be. Kazan won the conference, while being protected from meeting with Bashkir unpredictable neighbor.
The price of refined sugar fell by 1.5 times. The Russians do not know how to react to this deafening news. Purchased in store or wait for further price reductions? To help in this matter ready to come to the experts.
In Bashkiria mother of two caused a scene in a taxi in the style of the fitness trainer from Moscow "take me scum"
In Russia in 2020-2021 years can be closed sugar mills with a total capacity of 150 thousand tons of sugar. This was stated by the head of the Union of sugar producers Andrew Brodin.

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