The new appointment in Tokyo! The 2021 laid summer Olympic games from 23. July to 8. August will be played. Two other Major events must be laid for it.

Suddenly everything goes very quickly. Only last week, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has formed a task force to find a new date for Olympic. Because of the Corona-crisis this year, no one will be able games in Japan. Now, a new appointment seems to have found the games to be moved almost exactly a year. This also means that The sports calendar 2021 is jam-Packed full.

What is the meaning of the shift for the calendar in General?

In the years without the Olympic games, the 33 international summer sports federations organise Championships in the rule your world. By the displacement of the Tokyo games, the athletes would have to be laid would have either two of the highlights, or the world title fights. In the next year due to the Coronavirus pandemic threaded football championship from 11. Of June to the 11. July, with 24 teams take place.