The board of directors of the Belgian hockey federation decided on Thursday night, at the insistence of the clubs in the Premier league, the Belgian hockeycompetitie final stop for the coronacrisis. In both men and women, there will be no champions. It is the decision of the hockey federation of clubs for some responses.

The decision was to be applied for the first Division, the first, second, and third class. The divisions in the recreational field for the youth competitions will be in the next few weeks to decide. The first two of the standings after eleven days to promote it, there are no degradanten. Leopold, Ghent, and North to go to the European EHL-Cup, the women are going to Ghent, and Braxgata Europe.

“The federation has its responsibilities, but there were a lot of different positions,” said Waterloo Ducks-chairman Géry Dohmen. The Duty performed at the time of the withdrawal from the men’s pool B, but still not in the eu. The tickets will be available for Leopold, Ghent and the North, who are in group A, and more points are counted. “We don’t think it’s entirely logical that the two groups were merged to create the European tickets will be distributed. I have a feeling that the federation is for all you want to do, and in this case, can be delayed, and in August, a tournament was organized.”

All or nothing

you have A point of view which is also Racing in sterkhouder, Victor Wegnez is based. “If you’re European, tickets, deals, are you supposed to do with zakkers to work. You have to decide, I think, on an all-or-nothing, but not something in between. Why, when the thermal insulation measures at the end of april and would end in the league in mid-may will not be able to resume it? The federation still had to wait to make decisions.”

you can Also use the English international Nick Catlin, who is of the colour of Beerschot, defending, emphasised that the federation of the two groups after one incomplete season and pooled to get the European tickets will be distributed. “I don’t understand is that it is an extraordinary situation,” reads the Tweet. “But this is ridiculous!”