the Most important elections of heads of regions. They’re widely geographically, from Sevastopol to the Kamchatka Krai and considerable competition (in place of the Governor in expect an average of 4-5 people). Feature race – half of the regions as candidates of the government are acting chapters: in Sevastopol, Komi Republic, Chuvashia, Kamchatka and Perm territories, and the Arkhangelsk, Irkutsk, Kaluga regions and the Jewish Autonomous region. This is a new managers, appointed acting Governor after the departure of predecessor in the rotation and renewal of the authorities. In the other nine regions running current governors for a new term.

the Head of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova said earlier that the CEC creates “the most favorable conditions for parties and candidates to ensure that they do not doubt the result, which will significantly impact what the voters”. One of the fundamental innovations of this campaign is the opportunity to vote not only on September 13, but two days before.

a Multi-day election innovations this year is not limited. On the election of deputies of the state Duma in Kursk and Yaroslavl regions will be remote e-voting. Such are the orders of the CEC. Previously, the online format has already been tested. Including during the vote on amendments to the Constitution. VTSIOM experts noted the growing support for this instrument and a request for its further implementation and scaling.

a month before the elections, political analysts have discussed on “a round table” the Expert of Institute of social studies (AISI) “new electoral realities-2020”. According to experts, most attention will be focused on the 18 subjects, where there will be direct elections of the highest officials In the fight for the seat of Governor in all of these regions will participate either acting heads or acting. Experts and political analysts say the growth of political activity, including candidates in the gubernatorial election, and expect increased competition. The Director of Fund of research of problems of democracy Maxim Grigoriev cited for comparison data: all were nominated by 147 people, was 91, the last election of the highest officials in the same regions nominated by 122 people, was 84. “As you know, the growth of this quantity also indicates the increase of competitiveness, active participation of people and, in General, a good preparation,” he said. The analyst also noted the activity new parties in nominating legislative power of the regions, it is connected including with the upcoming in 2021 elections in the state Duma.

the Director of the Institute of the newest States Alexey Martynov agreed with his colleague and said that the parliamentary parties elections-2020 may become a kind of ttestirovanie all systems on the eve of a major Federal campaign. He believes that this is connected with the output of the pandemic coronavirus – society misses the normal life, including political.

“the Upcoming campaign in the next year in the state Duma encourages some parties to actively participate in this election in order to obtain a certain representation in regional parliaments, for example, to facilitate the method of nomination in next year’s Duma elections on their lists, not to collect signatures and so on,” – said Martynov.

Another feature of the campaign 2020-the activity of non-parliamentary parties. Along with the parliamentary, they have been included in the Governor’s campaign and in the Duma. So, “Patriots of Russia” have registered their candidates in the governors of the six regions, the Party of Growth – four, “homeland” – in two. And in the struggle for seats in the legislative Assembly trying your hand including four new parties entitled to participate in the elections this year: “For the Truth” Zahara prilepina, “New people”, the Party of direct democracy and “Green alternative”. Political analyst Alexei Chesnakov believes that new parties have a chance to be elected in some regions. He reminded that somewhere the lists from the parties has not been registered, but, according to him, this is called a “rather technical and technological problems, for beginners, they are natural.”

Maxim Grigoriev told about the situation with the registration of a candidate for Governor of the Arkhangelsk region from “the Apple” Oleg Mandrykin. “The party “Yabloko” any municipal Deputy, as I understand it, does not exist in the Arkhangelsk region… the Party “United Russia” has asked its members – who will call, give everyone the opportunity to be signed”, – he said, adding that somehow, the representatives of the candidate suggested deputies to sign up again. Recall that the election Commission of the Arkhangelsk region on Friday has registered candidates in governors of the six candidates out of eight applicants. It’s the acting head of the region Alexander Cybulski from the “United Russia”, Aiman Tokina from “Green alternatives”, Irina Chirkova from “Fair Russia” Nikolay Vakorin from the Russian party of pensioners for social justice, Sergei Pivkov from LDPR, Andrey Yesipov from the Communist party of social justice. Two, including Mandrykin failed to collect the required number of signatures of deputies and heads of municipalities in their support.

Alexei Martynov drew attention to the practice of widespread public surveillance, not only directly by the vote, but also all stages of the election campaign, calling it promising. He also noted that the organizers of the election have become more closely and carefully aboutto tositsa to the participants – as an example he cited the situation in the Kostroma region. “I liked the episode in the Kostroma region, when the local Communists organized a conference, roughly speaking, violations, brought the documents (to the electoral Commission. – Ed.) passed. Before formally treated: did you get the document passed and passed, then the day looked, and all the guys goodbye. In this cycle, the electoral Commission called: please watch, please please spend more time conference. Had all registered. I honestly don’t remember,” – said the expert.