• Thomas Müller is Bayern-PK
  • FC Bayern and Müller will remain until 2023 together
  • Thomas Müller about his future at FC Bayern

The most Important points in brief: Thomas Müller after thought in the last autumn, a farewell from Bayern Munich. He had played under coach Niko Kovac “a subordinate role. I was in the starting lineup. That was difficult. The feeling was tense. I had in mind to extend the contract,” said the 30-Year-old. If his role “had not changed, was capable of the life of the FC Bayern well in order for me to make,” said the world champion of 2014.

After the change of coach Kovac to Hansi Flick had developed the “positive, my role has changed. I was able to put a game back in the Thomas-Muller-stamp”. Müller extended as Flick to the beginning of the week his contract at the German record football champion until 2023. The total constellation of voice, “I want to be involved in the project. Player, coach and club are going in the same direction,” said Müller.

Müller-PK in the Ticker to the

12: 55 PM: That was the Live-PK with Thomas Müller . Thank you for Your interest.

12:46 PM: “We will of course discuss about the screen with the Trainer Team and the players certain amount of game of situations . But of course, the direct missing be together, where you can get the current tactics to analyze.”

12.42 PM: “The coach Team has managed to create a structure, in which the players feel comfortable. This is important, because we all want to have success. If this goes with the coach Team so, we will have more success.”

12.36 PM: Once the Ball is gone, the player sad . That is also our work. But actually it’s always a matter of how much passion I put into Training. The will to win was always excellent at FC Bayern and we have felt in the last few weeks after the winter break, we are in a good mood. If it starts again, we’ll be back.” the FC Bayern’s Thomas Müller at Bayern-PK

12:30 p.m.: “in Principle, I am of the opinion that critical questions nothing Wrong, if other sports complain maybe about the football plays a special role. I don’t know how the Situation is in other sports. But we> try in soccer, the distances to be observed

12.24 PM: “All major players that form the basic framework of the FC Bayern , have a contract until 2021. Therefore, I do not think that we do not break apart, even if some players want to extend your contract . It has certainly, but what makes a player, is in the rarest of cases, the crucial issue is whether to extend his own contract. So it is at least for me.”

12.17 PM: “most of all, I miss the cabin life . Luckily, we have this week again with the Ball at his feet and a little mowed Lawn. You can train only in a small group and only about 50 metres – but that’s okay. I don’t think there are many clubs in the world such as FC Bayern, which will give us gamers such a security in times of Corona.”

12:11 PM: “in the end, the decision-makers, as it goes on. If you create scenarios in which the world of football, these games can perform – and still all of the criteria for health and security be observed. At the Moment nobody knows whether it starts in may, June or later.”

12:06 PM: “The season was a bit of a turblent. Then a recovery after the coaching change was felt. The way we have on the court confessed we liked better. For me, it was difficult, I didn’t hear six-game starting line-up. Since I’ve made me thoughts on what I want to do. the In the fall, I’m not assumed to be necessarily that I renew my contract in the spring.

12.02 PM: “would be The mind games new territory for me, so I had no strategy. But without an audience this will most certainly be strange and different than the usual.”

12.00 PM: Now, let’s go’. the Thomas Müller enters to the Minute the press room at the Säbener Strasse. The first question can be found on the ZDF – it goes in alphabetical order from back to front.

11.50: In a few minutes. Then Thomas Müller puts the questions of the journalists, who are connected by Video-conference. FC Bayern runs with The preparation for the Miller-PK.

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