After ongoing demonstrations in Iran, leaked footage reveals the explosive events in the Iranian leadership. Contrary to what is publicly portrayed, she is clearly aware of the extent of the protest wave. But they want to keep the evil as small as possible with their own strategies.

You have to talk about the protests in Iran as if they were over. “End riots,” suggested a top Iranian conservative ideologue in a roundtable whose content has now leaked to the public. Leaked footage from the Iranian government suggests that the violent wave of protests in the country is larger than previously known. The Iranian government knows that it is supported by broad sections of the population, as the leaked conversation between men in the top ranks now shows. They want to give the impression that everything is under control, it seems.

The Iranian hacker group Black Reward was able to leak the 131-minute recording from the database of the state news agency Fars News. The exile news channel Iran International then published it, and now it’s even available on YouTube. In the recordings, the men express their concern that other women are following the example of Iranian women without a headscarf, and are developing their own strategy for preventing this.

What is explosive about this is that Iranian propaganda always tries to publicly deny the extent of the protests. Many websites are banned, videos of the protests can hardly be shared. Accordingly, the leaked recordings give a surprising insight into the world of the regime, which seems to be well aware of the violent demonstrations. The content of the conversation reveals some of what the Iranian leadership is trying to hide:

Among others, the conservative ideologue Ghasem Ghoreyshi is said to have been present. His voice is reportedly clear. Ghoreyshi is deputy commander of the Basij militia, which has been crushing the protests since mid-September. Media outlets including BBC Farsi and Voice of America Farsi have identified the recording as authentic. The conversation was said to have taken place on September 14, reports suggest. It is unclear exactly how many people took part.

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