a Woman came up with an unusual way to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend, were convicted of adultery. This story says the Daily Star.

Deceived by a woman published in social networks photo luxurious costume your ex young man, which he forgot at her house. She promised to burn the suit cost 150 pounds sterling (15 thousand rubles) and send traitor by mail if none of the subscribers will not want to have it absolutely for free.

Users called the woman a heroine for her reaction to the infidelity of a partner. One of them quipped: “Got any fishing tackle that you want to burn?”.

Earlier, the resident of the United States revealed the betrayal of his wife thanks to on her mobile phone application for smart fan. He decided to update the app for the smart fan installed on the phone of his wife. In this moment appeared on the screen a notification about the message. In the end, he came to the conclusion that his wife, from whom he was married 17 years, 18 months is cheating on him with a married colleague.