In the first quarter of 2020 in the vendor portal, with individuals and individual entrepreneurs made 24 thousands of online contracts.

To participate in the procurement vendor portal, the individual entrepreneur must register as a legal entity. As individuals on the Internet resource can be registered also and self-employed citizens, they will require a reinforced qualified electronic signature. All users of the portal, suppliers can participate in procurement by the 44-FZ and 223-FZ.

Along with the measures to support individual entrepreneurs and self-employed e-trading platforms give entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop their own business in the context of restrictive measures.

As reported by the Moscow Government Minister, head of Department of information technology, Eduard Lysenko, the vendor portal provides for individuals and self-employed people the necessary tools and services to participate in the procurement of small volume.

According to head of the Moscow Department for competition policy of Ivan Shcherbakov, individual entrepreneurs and individuals when working with urban customers already compete with larger companies in the construction industry and consumer services.

Users of the vendor portal, has signed about 500 thousand contracts in 2019 godyak a city vendor

the vendor Portal was created in 2013 to automate the procedures of procurement of small volume. It helps to increase competition for potential suppliers, gives the ability to objectively evaluate the existing market offers and analyze information on compliance. Today, with the resource work more than 170 thousand suppliers. Daily on the portal appear more than 100 new users. A unique catalog of goods, works and services has more than 500 thousand items.