the Soldiers advanced coronavirus is still hope for incentive payments.

Wednesday, may 13, at a meeting on socio-economic situation in Russia Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin drew his colleagues ‘ attention to the need to ensure that the physicians receive timely due to their bonuses. In some regions payments even in the eye have not seen, and somewhere, as in Vladimir, the situation from the “hug and cry” — extra paramedic from the local authorities in April was slightly less than 260 rubles. However, some doctors say about the lack of necessary protection for working with contaminated coronavirus even in a specialized hospital. For information about the lack of PPE in Vladimir already noted in the Investigative Committee of Russia. We expect the report from the regional investigative Committee on the situation with the violation of the rights of workers and the action taken.

Why its risks doctors do not have a decent money — versed “news”.

the Doctors who work directly with coronavirus patients are eligible to receive incentive and additional payments in accordance with the two government resolutions No. 415 and No. 484. The first payment is calculated on the basis of a specified percentage of the average wage in the region. For example, the emergency physician needs to 80% of average monthly income from employment in the region for 9 months of 2019. The second payment, or “presidential” bonus, which Vladimir Putin announced April 8, is the rate of not more than 100% on one bet and varies from office from 25 thousand to 80 thousand rubles a month.

According to Prime Minister Michael mishustina, to the regions was increased to 27.5 billion rubles, but spent on bonuses while only 4.5 billion rubles.

“On 12 may brought the total amount of financing payments to doctors exceeded 27.5 billion rubles, however, is consumed from them a little over 4.5 billion Problems with payments is, even in those regions where new infection is spread most widely and physicians continue to work with maximum load. In Chukotka and in the Magadan’t even started the payments,” said Prime Minister during the meeting on Wednesday, may 13.

may 15, all debts to the doctors in April should be closed. Some officials have received a warning for slow work with medical co-payments. So, at the end of April, the Prosecutor of Khakassia Republic has brought representation to the head of the Republic Valentin Konovalov due late payment of stimulus funds.

In the Vladimir region, the situation from the incentive payments was strange. The Department of health of the Vladimir region assigned to chief physicians of medical institutions to develop draft orders, according to��orym will earn money. Lump sum payment provided for by government decision No. 415, was distributed as follows: the ambulance should get a little more than 22 thousand rubles, and, for example, the average medical personnel involved in the provision of emergency medical assistance — 11 148,8 rubles for “actual hours worked”.

“Our employer has decided that this is a calculation in minutes. There was even painted example: such the paramedic was on a call so many time and one minute was worth 2.44 ruble, you know? We protested, of course, began to contact the media, try to reach Mosaleva (Director of the regional Department of health “news”)… In the end verbally told us that all of this will be review, but still any extra money we have not received”, — quotes the physician portal “Proveditor”. Has received the nurse of the pediatric team — 1,8 thousand rubles.

Frustrated, the doctors were asked to understand the situation of the local Prosecutor’s office. It is reported that approximately the same amount paid and with the staff of “ambulance” in the Gus-Crystal.

As has told “news” the co-Chairman of the interregional trade Union of medical workers “Action” Andrey Konoval, from mid-April to the Union were reports about a small “per-minute” charges. In this situation, letters were sent to Prime Minister and the Minister of health, and the Internet appeared the petition with the requirement to pay doctors promised.

“the incentive Payments are made for actual hours worked, that is all the time, except for periods of absence of the medical worker in the workplace for good reasons: due to illness, being on vacation, in other cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation”, — stated in the explanatory letter to the Executive authorities in the sphere of health protection.

According to the Deputy Minister of health Tatiana Semenova, doctors did not explain the method of calculation. The result was a fair lack of understanding and the feeling that the people saved.

“the Desire of some leaders of medical organizations optimize payments and calculate them on the basis of, for example, actually held by the employee time with a patient with COVID-19, “minutes” is not unfounded and will require serious evaluation,” said Tatiana Semenova.

However, Andrey Konoval said also about another problem, which is not considered in the Department.

“Payments reduced to virtually confirmed cases COVID-19. What is actually confirmed cases? That is, laboratory. But we know the error PR�� testing, not all tested,” — said the co-chair of the Union.

To clarify the payouts will organize specialized hotlines: in some regions such phones already have (for example, in the Krasnodar region); in others, please hurry up.

“To every doctor needs to be notified of these funds, — said Minister of health Michael Murashko. We appealed to the governors that they have created a hot line to consult the principles of accrual of these funds”.

as for physicians, Vladimir, when necessary, advise them to contact the head of the Investigative Department of the Vladimir region.

“If you know what benefits you’re entitled to, what payments in connection with the conditions in which work is medicine, please not to hesitate, not to fear anybody and to appeal directly to the head of the Investigative Committee for the Vladimir region, Colonel of justice Artyom Aleksandrovich Kulakov”, — quoted local media senior assistant head of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee Irina Minin.

Treatment is accepted as an email or through the form in online admissions on the website of the regional Investigative Committee.

“For the transferred payments must be clearly held recalculation, — said Andrey Konoval. — We are preparing an appropriate algorithm, a template that will allow any physician to submit the requirement about recalculation”.