Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins attempted to explain the situation when he lined up underneath his guard instead his center on 4th & goal, while the team was trying score against the San Francisco 49ers.

With 9:09 remaining in the game, the Vikings trailed 26-26 in the fourth quarter. They were trying to score a touchdown on the 4th and Goal. Minnesota was clearly in a scramble, trying to get a snap. Cousins tried to grab the snap from under his center instead of his guard.

Alexander Mattison attempted to get Cousins to the center before the team needed to take a timeout. It was too late. Minnesota had to call a timeout.

Cousins stated to reporters via MLive.com, “We just didn’t get lined up properly” “I was just trying to get everyone settled down and I just got under the wrong man.”

Cousins then completed a pass to Justin Jefferson, and the ball was handed back to the 49ers.

Minnesota had one more chance to tie it, but Minnesota lost the game on downs.

San Francisco wins, 34-26