Recall: in a unique project involved 200 people. Politicians, famous actors, writers, TV presenters, countrymen Fyodor Abramov read on camera more than one hundred excerpts from the poignant novel of a writer “Brothers and sisters”.

the Film has United the inhabitants of Moscow, St. Petersburg and new York city, Pomerania and the Nenets Autonomous district. Its actors have become goddaughter Abramova agafea Hamina from Naryan-Mar, Arkhangelsk friend classic Viktor Tolkachev, the writer Pavel Basinsky, the acting Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Alexander Cybulski and former head of the Pomerania region Igor Orlov, the actors of the Maly drama theatre of St. Petersburg residents Varkoly.

the Book is “Brothers and sisters” is an ode to the Russian village, to feed the country during the great Patriotic war. It is no coincidence that the countrymen of the writer called the novel a “people’s Bible”, because the line Abramova – out time:

– noneshnim times I understand – tolerated. Seeds for sprouts tasted, without plows harrows but also in the field will not leave it alone as always. Well, if part of the manure is not enough, again the war – need to understand, reads one of the “actors” of the film – the Vice-President of the Association of book publishers of the Russian Federation Oleg Filimonov.

Recall: February 29, during the celebration of the century Fyodor Abramov in his home village of Verkola film saw fifteen thousand Russians and guests from foreign countries. And the first videobook was presented in the Moscow center “Russian newspaper” on February 25.

In red square, the presentation will start on 6 June at 19.45, it will be attended by the chief editor of the portal “Year of literature” Mikhail Wiesel, Director of public relations of “the Russian newspaper” Tatyana Solovyova, head of the representative office in Arkhangelsk oblast Elena Kutukova, the main film’s Director Sergei Samatov. To see the broadcast of all festival events will be on the resource “Online.Bibliovore” and a full ninety-minute version of the film has already published on the portal Gadoterate.Of the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile, the Year of Fyodor Abramov in the Arkhangelsk region continues. However, the festival of the book “White June” due to the difficult situation with the spread of the coronavirus postponed for two months – it will be held from 28 to 30 August in Petrovsky Park of Arkhangelsk. At the festival the video “Read Abramova” will be able to see hundreds of northerners. At the same time, the planned opening of the monument to Fyodor Alexandrovich on the embankment of the Northern Dvina river near Arkhangelsk regional library named after Dobrolyubov.