the Museum of Victory on Poklonnaya hill has prepared a special program for children’s Day. While the cultural venue is closed to visitors because of the restrictions associated with the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection, all events will be held online. The tour, a virtual master class, the audioplay and online concert will be posted on the YouTube channel of the Museum and on the website of the institution.

On the Museum’s website June 1 at 10:00 will open the online exhibition “Children and war”. The exposition is devoted to the exploits of the guys in the partisan units, as well as the tragic fate of those children who during the great Patriotic war was in occupation. The exhibition will feature more than 100 digitized archival documents and photos.

At 12:00, the Network will publish the video of the tour “Little heroes of the war”, made on the territory of the Museum of Victory “feat of the people”. The new exhibition space was opened on 9 may. Here is a three-dimensional artistic panorama and scenery that are as close to historical events. The guide will take place at the recreated hospital room and the factory room in which is located a conveyor Assembly machines. We will focus on the role of young people in the war. The guys ran errands for nurses and doctors in hospitals, and worked alongside adults in factories, producing weapons for the war effort.

In 1940-e years the children were sent to the front things for the soldiers. They sewed little pouches for storing tobacco — pouches, and warm mittens. Virtual master class users of the Network offer to learn how to sew these tactical gloves. In order to make them, you will need red and green felt, red embroidery floss, scissors and needles. The master class will start at 13:00.

in Addition, visitors to the YouTube channel of the Museum of the Victory and his site waiting for the audioplay “the Tale about the girl newspaper.” It is dedicated to young children, who during the war helped the wounded in hospitals. Heroine audio ten-year-old schoolgirl, every day reading the wounded fresh issue of the newspaper, sings and dances. The girl newspaper also helps soldiers to prepare letters to family and friends. She writes under the dictation of the message and sends the envelope to the right address. Listen to the play in 15:30.

And at 16:00 starts videoconcert to the Day of protection of children. Winners of the festival “Cranes of Victory” will be performed for audiences of military songs such as “If friends with you,” “song Goes in a circle”, “Mother”.

the international children’s day is celebrated annually on 1 June. It was established in November 1949 in Paris by the decision of the Congress of the International democratic Federation of women. For the first time the holiday was celebrated a year later in 1950.

the Museum of Victory — part of the memorial complex on Poklonnaya hill. It contains about 300 MTISAC exhibits. In open areas presents about 400 pieces of military equipment and weapons during the great Patriotic war and the second half of the twentieth century. The Museum complex includes the main exhibition, diorama complex, Hall of memory and sorrow, the Hall of historical truth, Hall of generals, Hall of fame, three-dimensional artistic-historical panorama “Battle for Berlin. Feat of standard-bearers”, an art gallery and three cinemas.

While the Victory Museum is closed to visitors, be it a virtual guest without leaving your home, using your computer or smartphone. On the YouTube channel of the Museum is available online tours of exhibitions and shows, informative videos about the different types of weapons and their makers, a short documentary about heroes of the great Patriotic war, interviews with veterans and much more.