United States of America in 2021 will conduct its own version of the song contest “Eurovision” — American Song Contest. This was reported on the website of the European broadcasting Union (EBC).

According to the idea, in the American equivalent of the competition for 5-10 qualifying rounds will be competing performers, representing different States. After that pass the semi-finals and the final of the music competition, broadcast in Prime time.

In the work on the creation of the show will involve “several of the world’s leading minds in entertainment, music and television.” In particular, the creative producer from Europe Anders Lenhoff, teleprogramming and producer Peter Settman, as well as producer Ben Silverman prodvinutij American TV series “the Office” and several other successful popular serials and shows.

on the eve of the competition the US will create a jury of professionals in the field of music and pop industry, which, together with the audience will select 50 talented artists from every state. It can be as solo performers and duos or groups up to six people.

Earlier it was reported that Russian music group Little Big became the absolute champion of the musical contest “Eurovision”. The video clip for the song Uno to participate in the 2020 contest broke the record of “Eurovision”, typing in four months more than 138 million views. In the result, the Russian team broke the record clip Toy Israeli singer of Netty, who scored from March 2018 and currently 134,5 million hits.