Today, the festival announced “line up” – that is, a list of films that will be included in its basic program. Werner Herzog, Regina king, françois Ozon, Naomi Kawase, Viggo Mortensen will present in Toronto the films. Russian films, unfortunately, no. But it is curious that for the first time about the films opening and closing of the festival are already talking almost more than the main program.

the opening Film will be “American utopia” (“American Utopia”), directed by spike Lee, the HBO production. This tape is the film version of the eponymous show from Broadway produced by David Byrne, musician, former leader of the group Talking Heads. And will close the festival series on the bestseller Vikram Seth’s “a Suitable boy” (A Suitable Boy), who – a week had passed – July 26 aired in the UK on BBC One. The film is so interested in the leading streaming platform Netflix that they agreed with the Studio producer on the show.

Netflix eventually got exclusive rights to show A Suitable Boy in all territories except Canada, USA and China. In the UK and Ireland the series will be available on Netflix within 12 months after its release on BBC One. The deal was concluded a Lookout Point with BBC Studios.

Mini-series is the first adaptation of the world famous novel A Suitable Boy, filmed by the famous Director Mira Nair (“Monsoon wedding”, “the Namesake”, “Queen Katwa”) on the script by Andrew Davies (“Pride and prejudice”, “War and peace”, Les Misérables).

In the mini-series, consisting of six parts and is completely filmed in India, involved the leading actor of bollywood Ishan Chatter (“Beyond the clouds”, “Heartbeat”), the legend of the Indian screen Tabu (“the Namesake”, “Life of PI”, “Andhadhi”) and rising star Tanya Maniktala in the title role.

the film tells the story of a University student Armor. The action takes place in Northern India in 1951, at a time when the country gains its independence and is preparing for the first democratic General elections.