The time has come for manual control

Viktor Vladimirovich, according to statistics, Russia was better prepared for the onset of a pandemic than many developed countries. How do you assess the measures taken by the authorities to prevent proliferation of the pandemic?

– I would not give definite assessments: there are pros, there are cons. Of course, to begin to prepare for the disaster we had early. Even in the middle of winter, the world health organization advised of all that occurred an outbreak of an infectious disease and there is a threat of the spread of the virus. Few people reacted to it, including Russia. Our citizens go abroad as if nothing had happened, and then just quietly returned home. The main omission in this period, in my opinion, that nothing was done to localize the threat from potentially infected people. Probably, it would be difficult to do, but nevertheless it was necessary.

The more that the country has the experience of organization of such preventive measures is taken into account. In particular, in the 1960-ies in Moscow was an outbreak of smallpox. Then work on the localization of involved many services. Even law enforcement agencies: the KGB and the interior Ministry. A well-coordinated system allowed us to localize the outbreak regularly monitories the situation, quickly done tests on the suspected patients, identified their connection. In addition, the outbreak helped to provide a mass vaccination of the Muscovites, and then the entire population of the country. And in the USSR most people, in principle, and did not know what happened. Slept peacefully.

unfortunately, things are different now. We need to start to analyze, to draw conclusions, to build a scheme of interaction of various departments among themselves and with the public. We can say that we now live in a real emergency.

Your company “Ruspolimet” is located in the small town of Kulebaki. This simplifies the task of ensuring the safety of workers or, on the contrary, makes it more difficult?

– Small Kulebaki is already in the territory of the Nizhny Novgorod region, where reported cases of the disease. Therefore, we took additional measures. Purchased 10 thousand masks to ensure that employees and ordered the next batch. Agreed with the municipality to increase the number of buses on the routes that our employees get to work and back. It is possible to reduce the fullness of the salons.

the plant measures to minimize the possibility of infection taken long ago, in the first days after the decree. Today, study the experience of other businesses and immediately implement new techniques. Talk to people and explain the need not a very popular action.

For us the main danger is coming to the area and the environment outside the perimeter of the plant.

In�� consider setting up checkpoints at the entrance to Moscow or in the nearby Vyksa justified or excessive?

– Totally justified. Moreover, I myself called to such posts appeared. This is particularly important in a period when the overwhelmed visitors, including from Moscow. By decree of the Governor of Nizhny Novgorod all come from regions with high levels of infection needs to go on a two-week quarantine. The presence of posts ensures that such information by us will not pass. We even gave two employees from the enterprise that they worked in these positions.

You pay close attention to the situation at the plant. And for the district government follow? For example, you know that you need the Central regional hospital and its employees?

Not only know, but also help. The decision of the regional headquarters of CRH identified as one of the places for the treatment of patients. We have already provided the hospital with masks. Provide personnel protective coveralls – 100 sets will arrive soon, ordered another hundred. Understand the difficulties in health care, but it is necessary to solve the problem in the terms that have. I think that applies to our territory, we should handle.

Viktor Vladimirovich, pandemic is a real threat to the economy. In terms of a long “weekend”, restrictions and total ban on different types of businesses to minimize economic loss?

– I have already spoken in the sense that the fight against the pandemic in its consequences may become worse than the virus. Many made ill-conceived, in my opinion, thoughtless decisions. In particular, the decision to stop the real sector, which almost equalized the rich Moscow with not very sikowski suburbs.

for Example, in the two small towns of Nizhny Novgorod region – the Kovernino and Semenov – there is plywood and furniture plants. Every month they send for export about fifty trucks with quality plywood. 12 trucks a month go with pellets (biofuel) to the North of the country where there is no gas. Both companies are located on the outskirts of regional centers, practically in the woods. People walk to work. Instead of having to arrange additional sanitary measures, took and stopped the enterprise. There are many such examples. And this is a serious bug that struck the economy.

At the same time, the government has already announced measures to support business. How do you treat them?

– The main business support is the timely payments of public institutions, enterprises and corporations of shipped products or rendered services. Today they question, when you pay for products, the answer is: we were ordered first to pay salaries to employees. Who can argue, salary is importante case. But those who were doing the work, must also be salary. The government needs to monitor this situation because of untimely payment for services and products shipped paralyzes the entire chain of subcontractors. I don’t pay a salary, purchase of raw materials, calculated with the suppliers, among which half are small and medium-sized companies. I won’t be able to pay if I do not pay in a timely manner. A reasonable measure, but I don’t hear about its implementation.

In my opinion, we should create a Federal interagency and interregional staff. It should include the Ministry of industry, Ministry of economic development, Ministry of Finance, Central Bank, customs and other government agencies for rapid response and decision-making. There is concentrated the problem information: who has stopped shipment, one pass payments… Such a center should be established immediately, and it must be headed by the Vice Prime Minister responsible for the real sector. A similar structure is needed at the regional level.

what can you say about what has been announced?

– a useful step, but it is important to implement them immediately, to ensure that they have earned. That’s the main thing! I do not exclude that there are other options, up to turn on the money machine. But to make such a decision need not with kondachka, and consciously. Inflation in the complete collapse of the economy will be much greater than in case of additional issue of the money supply.

strict measures of isolation adopted in Nizhny Novgorod region, justified or could be softer?

– it’s probably easiest to criticize. What is being done in the field, mostly right. Conducted explanatory work with people: if you do not follow the basic rules, no isolation will not help. Measures for enterprises are clearly spelled out and must be fulfilled.

At the same time, there are some controversial things. We do not allow families to walk in the parks even with the observance of a safe distance – I don’t think it’s right. I don’t really understand the meaning of uvedomleniye my trip to the country in your own car.

do Not really understand the planned closure of admission to health facilities. There are people with chronic diseases who need periodically to seek help. I believe that this decision should be reconsidered.

But one thing is absolutely sure: the time has come for manual control. Factory, region, economy, country.