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“the Daughter accepted the invitation to work from the Belarusian company. In the summer she moved to Minsk. Wants to rent apartment, intends to appeal to the realtors. How to avoid mistakes and choose a bona fide experts? Julia Bogusz, Yaroslavl“.

Turning to the realtor organization, necessarily conclude the contract, which should clearly prescribe the services. So, you can specify criteria for the desired accommodation (how many rooms, what floor, what area, rent, etc.). If the contract stipulates that you get the service object information, the payment is made before there is a suitable apartment. If you don’t trust the Agency and believe that you can hide any information or mislead, can choose service – the selection of options deals with object. In this case, the agents will not just provide information, and select the specific object in accordance with the wishes. In this case, the payment is made housing choice. Note that the cost of housing and the provision of information on housing is equal to 5 base units. After signing the contract with the organization you will be assigned a specific person, no other professionals do not have the right to join in the work.

Check if your realtor identification plastic card. The provision of services without such a card is prohibited. Always ask your realtor the issuance of the document confirming the payment for services rendered.

“After a long break again started to work in a transport company. In a month, going transit through Belarus carry cargo to Northern Europe. Want to plan a place to relax and snack. Tell me what Parking lot are now working without the restrictions associated with COVID-19? Yuri Fedkina, Makhachkala“.

“In accordance with the decision of the Interdepartmental working group on the prevention of introduction and spread of infections caused by a coronavirus, in the Republic of Belarus the Ministry of transport and communications identified the points of rest and meal of drivers fueling vehicles of non-residents of the Republic of Belarus to be used during their transit through the territory of Belarus of international road carriers”, – is spoken in the message published on the Ministry’s website. There are maps of the points of rest and meal of drivers and fueling of the vehicles of non-residents of Belarus.

“My parents live in a private house in the Grodno region. Heard that after the commissioning of the Belarusian nuclear power plant will be advantageous to heat the house with electricity. Besides, it is also environmentally friendly. Another thing is that the transfer of electricity will be costly. Maybe ��La pensioners are some benefits? Andrei General, the eagle“.

In mid-April the President of Belarus signed decree No. 127 “On the costs of electricity operated housing.” The document is intended to encourage people to use electricity for heating, hot water and cooking. This applies to single-family houses. In accordance with the decree, citizens will be reimbursed at the expense of means of local budgets part of the cost of conducting electricity operated housing for heating, hot water and cooking – 20% of the cost of work performed, but not more than 40 penalty units. For the reimbursement of the citizen should be included in the generated local Executive and administrative bodies lists. The decree provides corresponding administrative procedure and the list of documents that a person must submit to the local authority.

reimbursement of costs for electricity will be determined by the government within three months after the official publication of the decree.

“last year, the district was almost fined my 85-year-old mother, who lives in Mogilev, seeing her in the garden the stems of the poppy. Said again, zavedut criminal case. It was justified by the fact that it did not sow, and the seeds accidentally brought somehow to the plot. What other plants now prohibited to grow in the garden in Belarus? Larisa kunitskaya, Tomsk“.

a List of plants, the appearance of which on the site cannot be allowed include cow parsnip Sosnovsky and Mantegazza, zolotarnica canadian and a giant, ash-leaved maple, echinocystis lobed, Robinia lucaciu, as well as hypnotic poppy and hemp.

Users of land plots in accordance with article 9 of the Law “About plant world”, are required to carry out work to regulate the distribution and abundance of invasive plants. Timeliness and completeness of such works control district inspection of natural resources and environmental protection. For failure to comply with a fixed penalty or a fine of up to 20 basic units – at the moment is 540 rubles.