Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved the regulations on the peculiarities of performance of contracts of carriage of passengers by rail with the threat of emergence of particular regimes. About the cancellation of trains, the carrier is obliged to inform on its official website. Passengers in this case have the right of choice. During the year after the lifting of restrictions they can make the trip pass to the specified in the station wagon of the same type and class. If this option is not satisfied, then they are given the opportunity to recover the full cost of travel and baggage allowance.

the pandemic coronavirus, the government is forced to renew many of the provisions that, on the one hand, to guarantee the rights of citizens and to help carry the losses to the business. So, the Prime Minister signed a resolution on regulatory aspects in 2020 the employment relationship. It is registered as employees of the far North and equated territories will be able to implement the right to compensation of cost of travel and Luggage transportation to the place of leave and back if in the current year are unable to use it because of the epidemiologic limitations. Every two years these costs provide employers.

“For those working in the far North, there is the possibility to implement in 2021 its right to receive from the employer compensation for travel and Luggage transportation to the place of leave and back, if the employee has not used them in conditions of restrictive measures”, – said the Chairman of the government of the Presidium of the coordination Council on combating the spread of coronavirus infection. Defined, when you can not repay already obtained in 2020, but unused compensatory payments. “We are talking about those cases when the carrier is extended the validity of tickets for next year or returned to the employee for their money,” – said Mikhail Mishustin.

the same resolution extended the individual steps in the implementation of electronic employment record books. Until the end of the year the workers must choose the form of his career – between the usual paper book and the new digital. Employers the government had earlier given time till the end of June so in writing to inform their employees about the right choice. Now this term is prolonged till October 31, inclusive.

in addition, the Prime Minister said that he would sign amendments to certain rules of treatment. After that, patients discharged from hospitals can continue to receive the same medication they were prescribed in the hospital.