The pandemic brought a new fashion challenges. Is unlikely before this summer, someone seriously wondered how to wear a mask with sunglasses. This combination hides most of her face, leaving no chance to use facial expressions and friendship. However, there are some secrets that allows you to stay safe and not look scary, like a hero of low-budget Thriller.Recently the Moscow authorities have toughened punishment for those who started to quietly refuse to wear masks and gloves in public places. Judging by the news from Europe, we are in the middle of a global pandemic and coronavirus in the middle of a pretty hot summer. To neglect the means of individual protection as the sign of social responsibility would be unwise, therefore, to the combination “mask + sunglasses” have to get used to.This combination has obvious and fans of the celebrity that is now easier to remain incognito in public spaces.To see around you are not faceless cyborg or Judge Dredd, enough to bare a little skin. For example, to remove hair from your face, tying them in a high ponytail, show the neck, or roll up your sleeves. The last trick often used by politicians and entrepreneurs (Barack Obama, Italian businessman Gianni Agnelli). Rolling up the sleeves and Baring the arms, they seem to hint “it’s time to get to work” and “I’m a person just like you”. The humanistic effect will help to achieve and not too large sunglasses. Black visor half face in the style of Hollywood stars is better to postpone (to breathe in them because of the mask hard enough). But sunglasses with lightweight metal frames are considered ideal for this summer. Classic aviators like brad pitt in the film “Once in Hollywood” or Joe Biden (he wears a decades Ray-Ban silver frame). In General, the current situation has a more classic frames than fancy shapes. Photo: East NewsВажно to remember the color of the lenses. To maintain eye contact with others, and they, in turn, were able to correctly interpret your social signals, it is better to choose lighter shades. Also today, brands are actively using gradiente Zeiss lenses — grey, blue, brown, green colors — most block ultraviolet radiation and looks very impressive. “Kommersant Style” chose the most interesting sunglasses that are comfortable this summer.Elena Krawczun