the Stewardess, whose name was not called, told about the strange antics of airline passengers, which shocked her at the time of travel. About it writes the Daily Express.

So, one tourist turned to her with a request to pick up the dirty baby diapers — according to the employee of the airline, such an act is outrageous, as crew members usually interact with food on Board.

“the Woman changed the baby’s diaper on the seat during landing, then called to me, holding it in his outstretched hand — and subsequently very upset that she had to wait until I’ll bring a garbage bag,” recalled it.

Another customer of the air carrier asked that she made a joke on his wife when she forgot her purse in the other chair. “Her husband asked me for a favor: “When you bring it to her, tell her she’s got way too high maintenance. She’ll love it!”” — she said, adding that he did not fulfill the wishes of the client.

July 2 flight attendants several airlines have listed the most vile habits of passengers during travel. Thus, according to one of them, flight attendants amazed that many passengers tend to leave after a flight the clutter and garbage in the seats.