According to the amendments to the law “On education”, education in Russia will be part of the educational programs, work in this direction will be in the schedule. Expanding the notion of education, it will be connected with formation of feeling of patriotism and civic consciousness and respect for the memory of Fatherland defenders and the deeds of its heroes. Also, the children will foster respect for the rule of law, human labor and the older generation, respect for the cultural heritage and traditions of the multinational people of the Russian Federation, to nature and the environment.

In the calendar plan of educational work of educational organization will have to specify a specific list of events and activities educational orientation. Tips tips students and parents will have the right to participate in the development of school education programmes and calendars of events.

Is the issues of citizenship, the stability of the state, stressed the importance of the adoption of the amendments, the head of the Committee Vyacheslav Nikonov. – If the state begins to have an inferiority complex that is most often because of lack of education, it raises serious political problems.

In Russia, according to him, there are opportunities for doing complete work. “We have a glorious history of a great country, which is the basis for this education, he added. – Education is historical memory, the preservation of the traditions of our country, their achievements, accomplishments, creativity.”

Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov called the deputies of the state Duma the basic values that should instill a new Federal education program. It is the birthplace, family, friendship, mutual aid, sport and health, love for nature, the pursuit of knowledge, work, personality.

he said that his Department has already developed and discussed with the teachers the new document, which will establish a single model program of education in schools across the country.

– This is not a kind of additional bureaucratic burden on schools, the Minister emphasized. Is the systematization of the work that is already underway educational organizations.