the Council of State of Kazakhstan have agreed on the appointment of the Minister of property and land relations of the Crimea Anna Anuchino for the post of Deputy Prime Minister of the Republican government. The corresponding solution MPs adopted at the extraordinary session.

move the appointment of a Minister in the prescribed manner to the Crimean Parliament made the head of the RK Sergey Aksenov. Speaker of the state Council Vladimir Konstantinov wished Anyhing to new positions, success in work for the benefit of Crimea and Crimeans.

From July 2015 Anokhina supervised by the Ministry of property and land relations of the Crimea.

Recall that on 1 may on 61 year of life died Deputy Prime Minister of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Pavel Korolev. Occupying the post in the Crimean government since December of 2016, he oversaw the departments of land and property relations, as well as the work of the Department of Federal registration service of the state Committee for state registration and cadastre.