In the summer of next year, Russia will probably enter into force the law on compulsory registration of smartphones on the factory number (IMEI), reports “Kommersant”. The innovation is intended to combat the theft and control of gray supply gadgets from abroad.

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According to the newspaper, the draft law was developed in 2019. Since then it has undergone some changes, then went for approval to the presidential administration, where at the present time. Subsequently, the document will be sent to the State Duma.


At the moment it is assumed that the new law will come into force from 1 July 2021. Innovation involves compulsory registration of smartphones by IMEI Central research Institute of communication and management. It is noted that the device purchased abroad, the buyer must register yourself (cost of services $ 100).

Mobile phones that at the time the law came into force were already on the territory of the Russian Federation, will be registered free of charge. Those who ignore the requirement of the new legislation, waiting for the device lock of the mobile operator.

The authors of the project emphasize that the new law will help law enforcement in combating theft, but also to prevent indirect shipments of smartphones in Russia, which directly affects the official companies-distributors.