the Chairman of the organizing Committee for the Olympic games in Tokyo Yoshiro Mori made the abolition of the competition in 2021, if the pandemic coronavirus will not be brought under control. His words are quoted by Nikkan Sports.

“In that case, Games will be cancelled. Earlier the Olympiad was canceled because of the war, but this time we’re fighting an invisible enemy,” said Mori. In his opinion, the Game should mark the victory over the pandemic, and then they will have value.

on 24 March it became known that the Olympic games 2020 to be held in Tokyo, postponed for a year amid pandemic coronavirus. The idea is to postpone the start of the competition belongs to the government of Japan.

26 March, it was reported about how the organizers will be worth the postponement of the competition. The loss was estimated at $ 2.7 billion.

because of the military action is not an Olympiad was held in 1916 in Berlin, the 1940 Games in Tokyo and the Olympic games-1944 in London.