In the Russian Embassy in Washington hosted a ceremony dedicated to the anniversary of the great Patriotic war. In the framework of its “memory Candles” was lit at exactly 21.00 Sunday (04:00 GMT June 22).

Deputy Head of mission Anatoly Antonov together with the staff and students of the school at the mission observed a minute of silence in memory of those killed in the war, writes TASS. Students read was found in the National archives of the United States excerpts from the memoirs of Soviet prisoners of war.

the Ambassador noted that losing the war was huge, at the front and in the rear, killed 27 million people. “It’s a shame that there are countries that cast doubt on the fact that the Soviet Union dealt a crushing blow to the Nazi hordes, the victory belongs to the red army,” – said Antonov. He urged the younger generation to continue to fight for truth, not distort it.

a Memorial action “Candle of memory” was held in Washington for the fourth time.