From 22 to 28 June parks, Department of culture of Moscow, I invite everyone to join educational walks and lectures, effective sport training, as well as to a variety of lessons and master classes. And all of this online. Materials will be available on the parks ‘ websites and their social media accounts. Will start the week with thematic tours, concerts and events June 22 — Day of memory and grief.

Fili Park invites subscribers on a virtual tour of its territory, which is dedicated to the great Patriotic war. It will be published on the pages of the Park on social networks June 22, at 10:00. Guide Nicholas Topnikov will tell which was the territory of the Park “Fili” 75 years ago. In addition, remember about where in 1941 was one of the lines of defense of Moscow. It will show a commemorative memorial erected at the location of the two gun emplacements.

In honor of the Day of memory and grief on June 22 at 12:00 in the social networks of the manor Vorontsovo will publish videoconcert. Specially for subscribers of the Park, the pupils of vocal Studio “the Nightingale” will perform Patriotic songs of the war and postwar years. For example, will sound “On the nameless height” and “evening on the roads”.

23 June, 13:00 social networks Perovsky Park will launch a series of online tours called “Nature terletskoy dubravy”. In the first edition of leading engineer on environmental management of the Park will acquaint members with unique Botanical exhibit, located in the Park. Sightseers will see violets, cereals, European ungulates and Zelenchuk yellow, and will learn how to care for them the Park.

the New lecture project #of Vkluchaetsia will appear on the YouTube channel of the Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno” on June 24 at 12:00. At this time, the Park guides will talk about the nobility of the meal in the XVIII century. Attendees will learn about all the intricacies of tableware and the dishes that were served for lunch.

And on 25 June at 14:00, Sokolniki Park will invite subscribers to take a walk at the historic Park Avenue — Maisky Prosek. During a virtual tour, the participants will talk about the festivities of the XVIII–XIX centuries, and about how you prefer to relax citizens in the Soviet period.

the Park “Krasnaya Presnya” will hold a lesson on hip-hop. This direction includes elements of break dance, locking, popping and jazz-funk. The event will be published in social networks Park, 23 June at 17:00. Choreographer Anna Kalla will demonstrate the basic movements of hip hop will teach participants a few dance ligaments.

on the same day, 23 June, 18:00 Gorky Park will organize a session on Zumba-fitness. A workout that combines Latin dance movements, strength and cardio, will hold the instructor Alyona Belova. To connect to the broadcast can be�� here.

on 24 June at 12:00 in the pages of the estate Vorontsovo will be video sports, which will conduct a functional trainer, rehabilitation specialist and physiotherapist viola Chichilakis. It will show a set of exercises HIIT. Participants will interval training of high intensity. Regular exercise will help to develop muscles and get rid of excess weight.

for Those who want to improve posture and strengthen back muscles, it will be useful to look at the social network Babushkinsky Park. This week will begin a series of sports sessions called “Healthy back”. Training aimed at the elaboration of muscles, will conduct the fitness instructor Tatyana Borodiy. The first two classes will be published on 25 and 28 June at 12:00. New releases will come out every week on Thursdays and Sundays.

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In the capital have eased restrictions which were imposed because of the spread of coronavirus. In particular, since June 1, the city’s parks, Department of culture, opened for walking. From 16 June in the capital’s recreation areas became available to visitors summer terrace. Also resumed its work non-stationary retail outlets where you can buy ice cream and soft drinks. However, their activities while parks continue in an online format.