The residents began to produce protective shields for face

the HTP resident — Companies of Technopark “Nagatino” 3Duality Оrangepoint and started to produce plastic screens for the face. They help protect the eyes and respiratory tract upon contact with carriers of the coronavirus and coronavirus infection of patients. Screen covers the face not only in front but from the side, which provides additional protection when sneezing and coughing.

Now the producers work mainly with medical institutions, but the requests come from organizations associated with the delivery, grocery stores and public services. Just 3DQuality can produce up to two thousand screens a day, Оrangepoint make up to 500 products a day.

Roads in Moscow today, 82 per cent more freely than a year nasadka disinfect the metro stations and ground transportation in Moscow

by may 1, all residents of the capital, regardless of age, should stay home. To leave the place of residence only when applying for emergency medical assistance and other direct threat of life and health for a hike in the nearest store or the pharmacy, walking the dog, taking out the garbage, and travel to work (for those who are obliged to attend). In public places, citizens must respect a minimum distance of five feet. This requirement does not apply to taxi journeys.

on April 15, residents of Moscow and the Moscow region are required to obtain a digital badge in case you are going to travel by car or public transport. Walking is possible with no gaps, but it is necessary to strictly observe the established rules and restrictions.

And 22 April ushers in Moscow, went into automatic mode. Control is carried out with chambers fotovideofiksatsii, and subway turnstiles and validators. Continue to check passes to the police.