Belousov told about the margin of the banking system

– the Banking system is now in good condition, much better than in 2008, 2015, – said the first Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet. It has a large margin of safety and capital and liquidity.

However, he warned that “this resource is not unlimited”. Indeed, in the face of uncertainty, banks are forced to take on the majority of the risks associated with the pandemic. Banks, according to Belousov, inevitably accumulate the risks that arise in the real sector as a result of the economic downturn.

Speaking about specific effects, Belousov did not rule out the deterioration of the quality of banks ‘ loan portfolio in the fall. The Russian banking sector, despite the factor of safety may face this negative trend. After more than a third of the total portfolio of loans to legal entities – almost 16 trillion rubles – accounts for the affected sector of the economy.

According to first Vice-Premier, the volume of loans subject to restructuring may be as high as 4-5 trillion.

in addition, the increase hozaystvennih in Russia, according to him, will also fall on the shoulders of banks: additional amounts of Treasury bonds in the current environment can be 1.5-2 trillion rubles, he said.

– Our joint task with the Central Bank to create such mechanisms so as not to overload the banks, – said Belousov. – The government guarantees the adoption of part of the risks to the budget for the Central Bank is known to the weakening of the regulatory mechanisms.