Less known is that Chukovsky loved writers “to antirobot”. So, in 1919 on the eve of the 100th anniversary of N. A. Nekrasov, he began to address the well-known poets and writers questions about Nekrasov. The questions were simple: “do you Like poems of Nekrasov?”; “What the poetry of Nekrasov you think is the best?”; “Did Nekrasov’s influence on your music?” etc., He replied Alexander Blok, Nikolai Gumilev, Anna Akhmatova, Maxim Gorky, Yevgeny Zamyatin, and many others. It was interesting how the same questions are answered by various celebrities.

And in 1910 he dared “to antirobot” of Leo Tolstoy, sending him the question about his attitude to the death penalty. Leo Tolstoy said during his “care” of Optina, a few days before death Astapov. And that was the last text of Tolstoy, except for letters to relatives.

of course, I thought not keep to dress up in the mantle of the great Korney Ivanovich, but I found it interesting to send modern writers, are “quarantined”, your profile.

that’s what they said. The answers will appear on the website on Saturdays and Sundays.

Be healthy!

Your Pavel Basinsky

Where you now spend time (if not secret)?

– the usual – mostly at home. My mode is generally not changed. The only – closed kindergartens and schools, causing the children to spend more time at home (though walking, of course), forcing some to adjust their behavior. And so it continues to live as he lived. If you have business in town – going to town. Including using public transport. Cork, incidentally, has almost disappeared. I want to go to the sea go to the sea. The other day I was helping my parents to dig up the garden at the cottage in the West Harrison traveled – studied ancient settlement and fadeevskaya place… From my inner circle, perhaps, only one person has isolated themselves and stopped the contact.

Rarely have to call for quite different useless activities, from which it is sometimes difficult to refuse, is even better.

Police have not atrocities. Another thing is that I can not understand the logic of the authorities. For example, he shut down the Russian island – in my opinion, just because it is technically simple: to put the outfit on the bridge and fined. And everything else is open. Or: reduced the number of trains, while giving a ride nobody forbids. This has led to overcrowding in the few remaining trains – and then what’s the point?

much inconvenience for myself do not see, but there are three things contributing to this: 1) the introvert comfortable with myself, no restaurants, and abroad can do; 2) mostly working at home on the computer; 3) in Vladivostok, the situation with the virus is not comparable with Moscow.

Understand that people living in Moscow, another stock character and other classes, still not identified.m different- much tougher, alarming, diskomfortno that goes for most threats, and security restrictions. Force them and exposure.

sorry, of course, canceled a trip to Japan, China, Korea, but will survive. Sorry I had to postpone our Vladivostok literary festival “LITER”.

what are you working On? What are you reading?

– Work in a regular, that is, mode. Write something, of course, and “current”, and not the current plan. Usually read several books at once, so I can call only first come to mind. The prose of Ernst jünger, the works of academician Vernadsky, biography of pilot Nesterov… Chernyshevsky’ve read. Nudnovato, but this postmodernism!

does your creativity a necessary isolation? The most productive creative time of A. S. Pushkin “Boldino autumn” of 1830, came on “the cholera quarantine.”

– As the way of life has not changed, to talk about any spikes or dips would not.

How do you feel about black humor, which I read on the Internet: “Sitting at home. The street people”? That is, people is the danger, like wild animals. Don’t you think that we now live in a time of a new ethics and a new kind of style in the broadest sense of the word?

– I don’t think. Of course, time will tell, but personally I would not like to review or ethics or style in the broadest sense. I hope that will not become “wolves”, but on the contrary, will be able to more effectively help each other. In any case, cooperation as a way of life has always seemed to me prettier than the competition.

I Noticed that included a defensive reaction, the brain has practically ceased to take the news of the coronavirus, filling all the space. There are also other things important for me personally, another agenda. In the end, even in the besieged Leningrad was composed and performed music, published the book.

Can you think of any examples from Russian and world classics, where they were described about the current situation? (“The feast during the plague” not to call!)

– “the scarlet plague” by Jack London – pandemic dystopia: “Humanity is dead, the planet is flooded with primitive life, sweeping away everything in its path, what did the people; forests and weeds loomed on the field, the raptors devoured the flock, and here on the shore, where there was a restaurant, and wolves roam…”. I wonder what Jack London the year of the disaster called 2013.

the Story of Arseny Nesmelov “Killed plague”: “In the morning, from the comfort of their homes, we met with the corpses, thrown to the gates and front gardens, – the harvest of the plague during the night. At night the relatives of the dead drag the dead outside and throw away from their homes (we are talking about the Chinese population of Vladivostok – VA)… For the dead bodies come wet with corrosive sublimate truck”. Nesmelov, a former Kolchak officer, �� 1920-1924. lived in Vladivostok, went to Harbin. He describes the plague that broke out in Vladivostok in 1921, almost exactly a century ago. And infection, interestingly, came from China. Have Nesmelova and autobiographical notes, where he again touches on this subject and mocks the poet Aseev, who then also lived in Vladivostok, and never went outside without a respirator. He Nesmelov lived on the principle of “To death do not.”

Writer in Russia must be a prophet. What do you think: when will this end and what awaits us after this?

– what About prophets – now read the notes Nansen “Through Siberia” on a trip to Russia in 1913. Nansen describes the rite of the Yenisei shaman who foretold: “Soon will begin a great General war.” Nansen is very ironic, but in the summer of next year, a large General war really began! How to treat this, I do not know.

of Course, I hope that it will be over soon and you can return to normal life. Heart goes out to all who lost loved ones. However, I am afraid that the fight against the virus can bring even more harm than the virus itself (“both are worse”, no recipes). If such a mode will last for some more or less long periods of time – will collapse a lot of the business, budgets will remain without money, people without work, skaknet street crime… After all this isolation can suddenly find that half of office workers are not needed. Book field have a very difficult time to be cut all that does not apply to “Essentials” and many people think that without books it is possible to live. There may come a large long poverty. I remember how my father, a PhD, year in 1993, was catching smelt and selling it on the market. I would not like repetition.

the Virus can seriously strike on the concept of global world, than regular economic crises. An open, United world was too vulnerable – like a submarine without bulkheads. Nobody talks about the “iron curtain”, but certain lessons that can be learned is necessary – when it comes to healthcare funding, and the notorious import substitution (including, for example, in the tourism sector: maybe now instead of Thailand or the Philippines will go to lake Baikal and the Kamchatka Peninsula, and travel companies and airlines will react?).

it is Obvious that this virus – not the last. The real disaster is even more serious epidemic, devastating wars – front. I can’t understand, it says me an optimist or a pessimist. But generally I’m quite calm: it was all – and typhus, and plague, and war, and revolution. Than we better than our ancestors, which fell much more severe test than we deserve a comfortable life?

And maybe it tells me poor, to put it mildly, provincial, and which no virus Macsa problems, starting with the constant question of what tomorrow to feed the children. If someone is confident in their own immortality, that all problems can be solved with money – the worldview of such people is a pandemic, and probably detrimental. In my – barely. I look at life quite bleak, even fatalists, the feeling of “sudden death” is always with you. Perhaps this is where the roots of my calmness and even optimism: there is nothing to fear, all the worst has already happened or will happen, and therefore live and be happy, yet live and rejoice.