Press-Secretary of the President of Belarus Natalia Eismont commented on the statements made in an interview with RBC opposition politician and former Chairman of the Board belonging to the Russian “Gazprom” and Gazprombank and Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko. He called the past the Bank on 12 June searches raids.

Eismont noted that the case against current and former employees of the Bank, which was arrested 15 persons, were instituted “on serious charges”: the legalization of funds obtained in a criminal way in especially large size and tax evasion in especially large size.

“Withdrawn huge sums of money, securities, gold, paintings. 15 people were detained. And the person from whom you interviewed may not know that all of them give grateful evidences, including against him,” said Eismont RBC. Questions about the details of the cases it had forwarded to the Committee for state control.

On the detention it became known on June 12. Victor Babariko connected them with the political activity and participation in campaign for elections of the President of Belarus, which will be held on August 9.

“the Whole logic of events suggests that it is a process aimed against me” — he said RBC. According to him, the arrest of his friends and acquaintances who had found, as he States, he owned the money, are not only “campaign of intimidation”, but “raider seizure” of the Bank.

President Alexander Lukashenko also commented on the investigation concerning the activities of employees of the BGB. On 12 June he said that the investigation was conducted in 2016, but now it was intensified, as was obtained the necessary information from foreign partners.

Babariko the President called “a villain” and his nomination for the presidency was tied up with the investigation.

“What have got? Because I realized that to come to him and put on handcuffs. And we are now profitable to engage in politics, to be a prisoner of conscience,” — said the Belarusian leader. Presidential elections scheduled for 9 August.