After the lockdown, I want to briefly depart from the neutral color palette and carry the most juicy, spicy and sweet shades that you can imagine. This desire has a scientific background: a neuroscientists proven that orange stimulates the production of serotonin, which means that the clothes of this color improves mood and gives energy.Orange is one of the main colors of the summer season shades in the range from persimmon to rust — showed without exception designers. Rich “Sicilian orange” became a separate story in the collections of such brands as Stella McCartney, Marni and Bottega Veneta. Amid the lifting of the lockdown, this trend only intensified. In the company’s report Edited, engaged in the analysis of data on retail sales, says that this unprecedented summer retailers are actively using color in marketing purpose: to strengthen demand and make the novelty of the current range and create a certain mood. Many showrooms and boutiques put clothes in bright colors, to restore the interest of buyers to the fashion and traditions of dress.The demand for orange clothes began to a period of quarantine. The experts noted the growth of home kits, made in shades of aperol and carrot juice. In the report Edited this consumer surge explains: “Because customers can’t enjoy a European vacation, this color will be set throughout the year.” If dressed in orange from head to toe does not allow modesty, stylists recommend to start small, that is, the orange version of your favorite accessory. For example, sunglasses, a handbag or a belt. To reach the next level of fashion “fortification” with a top color Mandarin or silk skirt shade of burnt clay. The secret to a successful monochrome image in the same shades of orange in the preparation of the outfit. Enhance the sound of orange can white accessories — this technique is actively used by fashion bloggers.Elena Krasopeta: Getty Images