Despite a slight easing of the isolation regime from next week in the capital, a huge number of Muscovites still some time will be quarantined. Don’t know what to do? “MK” offers to make a “gastronomic journey” right in the apartment. Not to “eat” the extra pounds sitting on the sofa, to accompany in this journey we will have ballet dancers. Because who does not like them, so slender and perfect on the stage, definitely knows the secrets of how not to get fat. About the recipes of national dishes of Finnish, Italian and Armenian cuisines which you can pamper yourself at home ballet observer “MK” said the famous premiere of the Bolshoi theatre, Finnish national ballet and the ballet troupe of Musical theatre of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko.

so, the first dish: ukha with salmon and cream

the Finnish national ballet, as Prime Minister Sergiy Popov has been working for 6 years. During this time he got himself a dog Lucas (Lucas 2 years, it is the Italian Greyhound, the Italian Greyhound) and it has developed a local tradition. He is now thoroughly studying the Finnish language, and its a favorite first course for lunch was the famous Finnish soup with salmon. In Finland, the dish is often ordered in restaurants, but the Prime Minister of the Finnish ballet he learned to cook himself.

– This quick and simple recipe, which takes a total of 20 minutes – says Sergey Popov. To make Finnish fish soup need have ready the fish stock (about half a liter). Some Finns make the broth yourself and cook this fish. But I’m just in boiling water throw a special bouillon cube of “Knorr”. However, in Finland I use an additive in the form of jelly, this fish concentrate, but I don’t know if it’s in Russia.

In the boiling broth, I cut three large slices of onion finely chopped, one onion (not too finely, but smaller than the potatoes) and one carrot. And it all has cooked for 15 minutes. Until the vegetables are cooked, take a piece of salmon (seven grams), separated the flesh from the skin and also cut into cubes. After 15 minutes in boiling water, throw those chopped cubes of salmon. Bring again to a boil. Once it is boiling, turn off the stove immediately, because the salmon cooks very quickly and if you overcook, it gets tough. Often in the Finnish CCS Finns add 15% cream, but now I don’t do it because I like it better without them. Although the present Finnish ear is still with cream. To taste salt and pepper, add Bay leaf. And the soup is ready.

Second course we will have Italian: Risotto al Pomodoro (Risotto al Pomodoro)

But a leading soloist of the Bolshoi theatre Jacopo Tissi in Moscow has been working for 3Yes, but the dog got him just now, during the quarantine, not to be bored alone. The other day Leo (puppy of breed small Pomeranian) was 3 months old. Dog Jacopo wanted to buy long ago, but only bought now as ballet Barre in my apartment, it was easier to do. While in isolation Jacopo loves to cook Italian dishes and advises the readers of “MK” to try a dish called Risotto al Pomodoro (Risotto al Pomodoro).

– This is a very simple and accessible recipe, it is not difficult to prepare and the ingredients here are also quite simple, says Jacopo Tissi. Usually make risotto as a soup, but we will do easier. Need to pour about half a liter of water, add salt and bring it to a boil. Then we’re going to add it in small portions to the upcoming dish. In another pot add a small amount of dry rice (about one Cup of espresso). It must be a little bit (just a couple of minutes) to warm up on medium heat in the bottom of the pan. Then add chopped small pieces of onions (about a quarter of a chopped onion). Then you need a few moments to hold it up in the pan, add a little olive oil, mix well and add three-fourths Cup of your favorite white wine (a little smoke, and we smell the wine). Don’t forget all the time to stir! When the wine evaporates, add tomato sauce (to the eye; one portion of approximately 250 grams), stir, and then little by little start to add that salt water which is already boiling on another burner. All the time stir. When the water evaporates, gradually add more. And so constantly: adding water and wait until it will evaporate. Risotto is cooked for 20 minutes and during this time water should be add, constantly stirring. Turn off the stove, remove it from the pan.

After you have removed the pan from the heat, for flavor add a little lemon and orange juice, then a little fresh olive oil, all peremeshaem. Then grate Parmesan cheese and mix again. The secret of Risotto actually is in this constant stirring. Spread on a plate and once again grate on top of the cheese, decorate with Basil or parsley (whichever you like), add a drop of olive oil (add Parmesan and butter for this dish is very important!). We’re all set.

and For dessert: Armenian dish “Kata”

prima ballerina of Musical theatre. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Erica Mikirtychev has not only Russian, but also Armenian roots. Grandfather on my mother she was Armenian, and Russian grandmother. Therefore, the star of “the Stas” to prepare offers on sweet Armenian dish “Kata”, the recipe of which she gave grandmother.

– I usually make it for Easter or other holidays. This sweet Armenian dish called “Kata”. The ingredients are:

the dough includes flour (about 500-520 gram, but I the eye always do), sugar (3 tablespoons), one egg, sour cream (150 grams; fat – who he loves), butter (150 grams), baking powder (2 teaspoons or one packet), vanilla (to taste – adds who likes, who dislikes, may not add).

Now the filling – it is simple: wheat flour (80 – 90 grams can be oatmeal, rice, who is on a diet, some diet), sugar or substitute (1 Cup, but for those who are on a diet, you can not put, but I always put and even more, as my husband Denis sweet tooth); butter (100 grams), one egg for brushing the tops of the dough.

Preparation is also quite simple. To the flour add the sugar, baking powder and vanilla. Mix everything, add sour cream and egg and mix again. Melt butter, cool it a little (you can get and reheat in the microwave, so not very warmed up) and add. All stir again. If not enough add a little flour (the dough should come off the hands, become a lump). The thus obtained dough close something and remove for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

Next make the filling for this test. Then you need cold butter (you can grate), then added flour (80-90 grams, I add on the eye), everything is mixed, add one Cup of sugar. Then again, mix. It’s a sort of crumbly (due to the flour, butter and sugar) supply is the stuffing.

after 30 minutes take the dough out of the fridge, divide it into three (if you get more then four) parts. Each part is rolled. I try to do smooth, square pieces. Pour the previously prepared filling and twist the pieces to get in the likeness of a loaf, but it needs to be not entirely round (it is slightly twisted and pressed). Who loves to just chopped it received a long “sausage” cuts. But I don’t cut, and everything is put entirely on the baking sheet. Break an egg on top and smeared each received “sausage”. Put in the oven for 20-25 minutes. The oven should be preheated to about 180 degrees. Received “kata” should reddening. This dish is not heavy in terms of cooking and is quite simple in the manufacturing process. Everything is ready, enjoy the cakes. Bon appetit!