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the Surprise of the family, of the well-known virologist is in order, Marc Van Ranst Monday night at his home in Con. The local police arrived, the professor of the catholic university of Leuven, who did not return home to pay tribute to his work in the fight against feline corona virus.

“over The past few weeks, mr. Van Ranst, has grown to become the face of the fight against the virus. Every day we are inundated with information and explanations, which are complemented by the overwhelming numbers of individuals and families who have been affected by the disease. The man who was almost around the clock to people in a calm and clear way, will inform you, professor Van Ranst. We would like therefore to pay tribute, and, by extension, all health care providers,” said Dirk Van de Sande, a spokesman of the police of Mechelen and Willebroek. His colleagues treated the family to a few minutes of applause, and a blue flashing light on top, like they already did for the staff at the Belgian AZ Sint-Maarten.

His wife, After that moreover, he took the endorsement with pleasure in no time. She was visibly moved. “My husband has been for a couple of hours at work, and we continue to be in our room,” she said. “This is a really heart-warming. We are also not to be expected, it is great. We create the messages to be sure about it. My husband has always been a lot of homes, but the coronacrisis puts some teeth in”, says ms Van Ranst.

the chief Inspector Dirk Van de Sande was presented on behalf of the municipality, a third party facility is also a gift. “As a church, we would like to express gratitude to the professor and all his colleagues in the health care sector. But, also, to the person of Marc, because he is in a comprehensive way, the problems know, to give us time to re-sensitizes to the action to life,” says the mayor of Eddy the Beaver (N-VA).

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