the Police have in connection with a police operation in Aalborg on Friday morning arrested a 26-year-old man in connection with a pending terrorsag.

It confirms the Copenhagen Police on Twitter.

In a press release elaborates the Copenhagen Police arrest.

Herein, it is apparent that the 26-year-old related to politiaktionen, which took place on 11. december of last year.

at the Time, a number of persons, including the 26-year-old, arrested several places in the country.

It took place in close coordination with the Police, other police and PET.

the Man’s Friday afternoon and has been made in grundlovsforhør.

He is charged in the part of the case, which is about the manufacture of bombs.

at the same time is required he is remanded in custody.

The 26-year-old has previously been arrested in the case and subsequently released, but it does not mean the work has been at a standstill with the police.

‘the Investigation is still continuing and has led to the reasonable suspicion against the 26-year-old is now so considerable, that he shall be manufactured in grundlovsforhør. Today’s arrest is done in good cooperation with our colleagues in the North jutland Police,’ says the head of the Department for personfarlig crime in the Copenhagen Police, vicepolitiinspektør Brian Belling, in a press release.

the Man has previously been arrested in the part, who acted on the purchase of weapons.