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– We have no answer, except one. It is that we come back, ” says actor and songwriter Mads Bones.

“We kjæm tebake” called the new song which will give the norwegians hope and joy in koronakrisen.

two years ago released the song “Trønder” when the North – and South-Trøndelag was merged into the county. The song was almost a landeplage, loved by people all over the country.

In less than two days had the music video has over 500,000 plays. Now they hope to create the same enthusiasm for their new song.

– The only thing we think of is to hit the correct nerve. Of course we all want it to reach as many people as possible, but it is outside of our hands, ” says Kyrre Havdal, who has made the tune.

Many well-known trøndere appear in the music video that shows a bit of the strange times we now live in – with many quiet and deserted streets and well-known places in Trondheim.

“Trønder” is taking off on the network: – You cannot get it out of my head

SUCCESS: Actor Mads Bones was to create the success of “Trønder”. Now he has written the lyrics to the new song.

Photo: Kjartan Ovesen Miss life

the Idea for the song and the music video came on an online meeting two weeks ago. At the end of the meeting, they discussed the how empty it was in Trondheim, and how much they missed the life.

nidaros cathedral, Lerkendal and theatre is where the abandoned. We have a spring in bloom, which we shun. There is a sore feeling, ” says Bones.

Out from these thoughts, found the trio out together that they had to make a song that could create hope, optimism and joy to think that everything would be normal again one day in the future.

the Parks to be filled once again, Granåsen will be full, there will be full hall at Trøndelag Theatre, the Ste shall sing of the league title. We’ll be back.

TOGETHER – ON the WEB: to get the interview everyone involved, was the interview done over the internet. Lasse Berre (of v.), Kyrre Havdal, Mads Bones and Myrtoula Røe.

Photo: NRK Important with music

When Mads Bones and Kyrre Havdal had made the song, they found the fort out who they wanted to sing it. It was the young sangtalentet Myrtoula Røe.

– It is an honor to be part of something that I think is very important. Something that can give a hope and sense of unity, for there are many who feel lonely, ” she says.

She hopes the song can give pleasure, and feel lucky to get the opportunity to contribute.

– Everything one could contribute with musical or creative, is important to do. One must do what one can in such a situation. We are creative souls can sit at home and create each of us, says Røe.

MANY CELEBRITIES: Petter Northug is one of several celebrities who are in the music video to the song “the middle of norway,” which was released in 2018. You need javascript to see the video.

MANY CELEBRITIES: Petter Northug is one of several celebrities who are in the music video to the song “the middle of norway,” which was released in 2018.

Made in 14 days

– Now we need a message of hope, ” says Lasse Berre who is a producer for the film.

He knows even on missed by people in the streets in Trondheim, and believe many will appreciate a music video that shows that it should be good again.

– It is a song about hope, and also a reassurance that we will come back again. The city comes back again.

They have kept a good distance when they have filmed and followed all the precautions. Even with strict restrictions, they have managed to create a music video in a short time.

– Entire productions have taken one and a half week. “Trønder” was produced at 14 days it also says Only.

It was Trøndelag county council, who released the song “Trønder”. The new song “We kjæm tebake” is released by Trondheim municipality.

FAST-paced PRODUCTION: the Producer of the music video, Lasse Berre, ” says the music video is recorded and produced in under two weeks.

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